New TV channel shows Bundesliga live today

There are not many new TV channels, especially not from the major broadcasters. However, ProSiebenSat1 UHD is a new offering that launches today. atechbook checks out what it can do and reveals how to receive it.

There’s always something magical about new TV channels. Viewers don’t yet know exactly what to expect. It could be the start of something big that you witness from second one. Most recently, “BILD” caused a stir with the targeted launch of its eponymous linear TV station on August 22, 2021. In comparison, “ProSiebenSat1 UHD” is probably more of a niche channel, but it’s coming with a bang for Bundesliga fans at launch. But what does it take to receive the channel?

“ProSiebenSat1 UHD” in high resolution.

“ProSiebenSat1 UHD” is a so-called event channel. No own program runs there, but selected content from other channels of the group is broadcast. The special feature: The complete program can be seen in high-definition UHD. This comes from the following TV channels:

  • ProSieben UHD
  • Sat 1 UHD
  • Cable 1 UHD
  • ProSieben Maxx UHD
  • Kabel 1 Doc UHD

“ProSiebenSat1 UHD” will launch on August 13 and thus exactly at the start of the new season of the 1st German Soccer League. The company is using this opportunity to broadcast the opening match between Borussia M├Ânchengladbach and FC Bayern Munich live and in UHD.

How do you receive the new channel?

“ProSiebenSat1 UHD” is available to HD Plus customers. This is therefore a satellite channel. HD Plus (also: HD+) is an annual subscription for EUR 75.00 (or EUR 6 per month) that satellite customers need to receive TV channels in HD resolution or higher. Those who already have a subscription receive “ProSiebenSat1 UHD” as follows:

Satellite: Astra 19.2┬░ East
Transponder: 1.035
Frequency: 10,993.75 MHz (Horizontal)
Modulation: DVB-S2, 8PSK
Symbol rate: 22,000 Ms/s
FEC: 5/6

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Conclusion on the new UHD channel

We feel that a linear channel that bundles selected programming in UHD resolution is a bit weak. It seems to be secondary exploitation for UHD fans. We think on-demand media libraries are far better suited for that. However, the move to start with a live Bundesliga match on “ProSiebenSat1 UHD” is brilliant. This could actually get the new channel on the channel list for many HD Plus customers. It remains to be seen which program will run in the future. But it’s probably not worth subscribing to HD Plus just for that.