Nintendo Switch at the discounter – how good is the console offer?

Aldi is currently offering a special deal. The grocery discounter sells the Nintendo Switch at a low price. However, the Switch has also dropped in price at other retailers. So can the offer at Aldi keep up?

During the corona pandemic, the Nintendo Switch experienced a real boom. At times, the console was no longer available at all, and if it was, it was usually at a high price. In the meantime, however, the retailers’ warehouses are filled again, the Switch is available and the price has even dropped. This is due to the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which will be launched in October. The successor model starts at a price of 359 euros. Nintendo has lowered the RRP for the regular Switch by 30 to 299 euros at the same time – to make it still attractive for users in addition to the OLED version. Aldi even goes one step further with its current offer and sells the Nintendo Switch for 289 Euros.

Nintendo Switch at Aldi in the check

Das Angebot ist zunächst bei Aldi South verfügbar. Hier gibt es die Nintendo Switch ab Donnerstag, dem 30. September. Konsolen-Fans im Norden des Landes gehen aber nicht leer aus. Hier ist die Nintendo Switch bei Aldi North ab Montag, dem 4. Oktober, zum gleichen Preis verfügbar. Beide Discounter verkaufen die aktualisierte Version von 2019 mit besserer Laufzeit. Bei Aldi South gibt es die Konsole in der Farbe Grau, Aldi North bietet die Version in Neon-Rot und Neon-Blau an. Beide Angebote gelten nur, solange der Vorrat reicht.

But if Nintendo has generally lowered the MSRP for the Switch to 299 Euros, how expensive is the console at other retailers? Is the offer at Aldi even worth it in terms of price? A look at price comparison portals provides information. Here, the Nintendo Switch is already listed for 284.90 Euros including shipping. The seller is an Ebay retailer that often offered the console at a very low price last year, but also had delivery problems from time to time. However, these should be over due to the better availability.

Those who want to buy the Switch from one of the big electronics retailers instead will pay more. Amazon, for example, offers the console for 299 euros. However, it is possible that the retailer will react to Aldi’s offer and still lower the price of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch costs almost as much at Media Markt and Saturn as it does at Amazon. The retailers charge 299.99 euros.

At the moment, the Switch is available at Aldi – excluding the Ebay offer – at the best price. The console is apparently only available in the stores. It is not yet listed in Aldi’s online store.

Nintendo now has three Switch versions

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that serves as a handheld, but can also be connected to the TV. The Joy-Cons, the controllers on the side, are detachable accordingly. Nintendo also offers a Lite version of the Switch, which is a pure handheld console. However, it is also smaller, lighter and cheaper. The prices are currently around 179 euros.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is new and will be available from the beginning of October. We have presented the OLED in detail in a separate article. It offers a better display, a new dock and is also slightly larger than the previous Switch.

So much for Pro – Nintendo disappoints with new Switch OLED console.


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