Nintendo Switch may no longer be available for Christmas

Also this year, many want a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. However, it could be difficult to get them. Because due to the chip shortage, Nintendo has cut back production.

There was already a period last year when the Nintendo Switch was hard to come by due to supply shortages. The warehouses were empty and those retailers who were still selling them were charging high prices in some cases. One reason for this was the Corona pandemic, which not only brought restrictions in worldwide supply, but also led to a higher interest in the console as well as games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, the consequences of the pandemic continue and are currently causing a shortage of chips and semiconductors, which also has consequences for Nintendo.

Supply bottlenecks for Nintendo Switch

As the Asian business magazine “Nikkei Asia” reports, Nintendo had to cut back production of the Switch due to supply bottlenecks of various components. In the current fiscal year, which runs until March 2022, the company will only manufacture 24 million consoles instead of the expected 30 million. That’s a reduction of 20 percent. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the company would not be able to produce as many consoles as originally planned. He added that production was uncertain.

The lower production affects all three Switch models equally, since the Switch Lite as well as the conventional console and the new Switch OLED rely on the same SoC (System on Chip). The demand for the latter model is particularly high at the moment. The Switch OLED was only launched on October 5 and comes with a larger and improved screen, among other things. As “Nikkei Asia” writes, domestic retailers have already had to ration the sale of this model via a lottery procedure.

Console for the holidays – what buyers should do

If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch yourself this year or give it as a gift, you shouldn’t wait too much longer to buy it. At the moment, the normal and lite version of the console is still available in this country at reasonable prices. As part of the early Black Friday deals, MediaMarkt and Saturn are even offering the conventional Nintendo Switch at a reduced price despite the supply bottlenecks. Only the Switch OLED should be prepared for longer delivery times. Amazon sells it for about 370 Euros starting November 15. At Otto, it will only be available in a bundle with the game “Metroid Dread” at the end of January.

In general, it is advisable to buy technical devices early for Christmas this year, since many models often have longer delivery times.


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