Nintendo Switch sets incredible record

The Nintendo Switch will soon be five years on the market. This means it is just at the halfway point of its product cycle. Nevertheless, it is already one of the best-selling consoles of all time.

Japanese gaming company Nintendo has surpassed the 100,000 unit sales mark with its Switch gaming console. Among home consoles, the Switch is now the third best-selling device worldwide.

Nintendo Switch sells at a record pace

Customers around the world have now purchased 103.5 million Switch consoles, more than from the equally successful predecessor model Wii, the group announced on Thursday. That makes it Nintendo’s best-selling home console of all time. Sales stretch across both revisions of the Switch (HAC001 and HAC001(-01)), the Switch Lite and the Switch OLED of 2021.

According to the market data provider Statista, Sony’s Playstation 2 is the world’s top-selling game console with 158 million units sold. Behind it are the handheld consoles Nintendo DS with 155 million and Nintendo Game Boy with 120 million. The Switch ranks fifth, with Sony’s Playstation 4 one place higher. However, the latter has been on the market since 2013 and thus four years longer than the Switch. While now largely superseded by the PS5, the console still has many years ahead of it. It is therefore likely that the Switch will break even more records. Especially considering the fact that Sony and Microsoft have supply bottlenecks with their new consoles. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are barely available – which benefits the competition.

Switch growth flattens out somewhat

Despite the excellent numbers, Nintendo warns of declining sales. Growth is running a bit out of steam as the console soon celebrates its fifth birthday. In the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March, Nintendo knocked off 18.95 million Switches, down from 24.1 million in the same period last year. For the full year, the group, known for the games of the Super Mario series, Animal Crossing, Zelda or Pokemon, reduced its forecast for sales to 23 million units from 24 million previously.

In gaming, major vendors like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft release a new console every few years to keep up with technological advances and boost sales. For example, an OLED model of the Switch has been on the market since October, and nearly four million had been sold by the end of the year.

Microsoft and Sony are spending big right now – what about Nintendo?

There is currently a lot of movement in the gaming sector. Microsoft, for example, wants to strengthen its Xbox game console and is grabbing “Call of Duty” developer Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. In addition, gaming is on the rise online and via the cloud.┬áNintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa isn’t opposed to acquisitions in principle, but, “It wouldn’t be a plus to suddenly have people who don’t have Nintendo’s way of thinking.”

From October to December, Nintendo’s operating profit rose by ten percent to 252.5 billion yen (1.95 billion euros).┬áNintendo therefore raised the bar for the full-year operating profit, which is now expected to be 560 billion yen, eight percent more than previously predicted.