Nintendo Switch with Mario game as a bargain on Black Friday

Whether PlayStation, Switch or Xbox – on Black Friday the prices for consoles and games fall. atechbook collects the best deals for you.

For gaming fans, the week before Black Friday is a good time to browse for bargains. Currently, many stores offer not only consoles but also various games and accessories for less. Especially around the Nintendo Switch there are good deals at the moment. The best deals have been picked out by atechbook for you.

Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 for 350 euros 288 Euro (-18%)

If you also want to play on TV with your Switch, you need the normal version without the Lite. However, the Switch can also be used as a tablet with its own controller or as a handheld console. It can also function as a board game thanks to the touchscreen. The normal Switch is currently available in a bundle with the game “Mario Kart 8” for a low price of 288 Euros. The game is one of the must-have titles for the console and is included as a download code. Also included in the bundle is a three-month membership to Nintendo Online, which would normally cost 23.97 Euros.

Zum Black Friday bieten Media Markt und Saturn das Gaming-Bundle günstig an. Hier kostet es 288 Euro. Versandkosten fallen bei keinem der Händler an. Normalerweise würden Käufer für das Bundle mindestens 350 euros zahlen. Zum Black Friday ergibt sich somit ein Rabatt von guten 18 Prozent.

Nintendo Switch for 288 Euro 270 Euro (-6%)

If someone is not interested in the Mario game, they can also get the Switch without the game for a low price at the moment. Thanks to coupon code CYBER1, it is currently available on Ebay for 270 Euros as new.

Switch Lite for 199 euros 179,99 Euro (-10%)

The smaller and more compact version of the Switch – the Switch Lite – is also currently available at a good price. For Black Friday, the gaming console is already available at Media Markt and Saturn for 179.99 Euros, which is 20 Euros cheaper than the next best offer. However, only the yellow version is available at this low price, all other colors cost more. The Switch Lite is a handheld console, so it cannot be connected to the TV. On the other hand, it is more compact and also lighter, which might be relevant for young gamers and gamers on the go.

Green Friday – cheap deals that are also sustainable

Memory card for Nintendo Switch for 20 Euro 17 Euro (-15%)

Media Markt, Saturn and Amazon are currently offering a memory card especially for the Nintendo Switch. The version is currently available free of shipping costs for 17 Euros. Normally, it costs just under 20 Euros. The memory card is the SanDisk microSDXC, which offers a read speed of up to 100 Mbps.

DualSense Controller for PS5 + FIFA 22 for 109.89 euros 99,99 Euro (-10%)

Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 should take a look at a current bundle. Media Markt and Saturn are selling the DualSense controller for the PS5 together with the game “FIFA 22” for 99.99 Euros. Compared to buying it separately, you can save 10 percent, because the controller usually costs 60 Euros and the game costs just under 50 Euros. The retailers offer the gaming controller in the Black Friday week in both the black and white version at the promotional price.

PS+ membership for 12 months for 59.99 euros 39,99 Euro (-33%)

Mit einer PS+-Mitgliedschaft bekommen PlayStation-Besitzer einige Vorteile. Nicht zuletzt können sie monatlich wechselnde Spiele herunterladen und im Rahmen ihrer Mitgliedschaft kostenlos spielen. Außerdem erhalten sie Gratis-Onlinespeicherplatz für ihre Spielstände, exklusiven Zugriff auf Demos und Testversionen sowie Zugriff auf den Online-Multiplayer. Für das Jahresabo zahlen Spieler normalerweise 59.99 euros. Im Rahmen des Black Friday gibt es das Gaming-Abo aber schon für 39,99 Euro, also mit einem Rabatt von 33 Prozent. Erhältlich ist es sowohl bei PlayStation direkt, aber auch bei Händlern wie Media Markt, Saturn und Amazon.

The consoles at a glance


Although there is already a new generation with the PlayStation 5, it is still hard to get. Therefore, the PlayStation 4 is still the most popular console in the world. This is due in no small part to the fact that it gives gamers access to a whole range of exclusive titles. To name just a few important entries: “Bloodborne”, “Days Gone”, “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, “Shadow of The Colossus”, “God of War”, the “Uncharted” series and “The Last Of Us”. Almost all major game productions that are also released for PC and Xbox are also available for the PlayStation. In addition, the console offers an inexpensive entry into the virtual reality world with the optionally available PlayStation VR headset.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo also relies heavily on its own productions that can only be played on the Switch. These include the extremely popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and many, many Super Mario and Pokémon games. With “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit,” Nintendo even ventures into augmented reality (AR). It’s an experience you can’t get from any other console in this form. Nintendo now offers three versions of its console: the Lite as a pure handheld console, the normal Nintendo Switch, and the Switch OLED with a bigger and better display.

Microsoft Xbox

Even though Microsoft is increasingly focusing on an integrative strategy, there are still some exclusive titles for the Xbox as well. Among the most popular games are of course the “Halo” series, “Sea of Thieves”, “Forza”, “Gears/Gears of War” and “Sunset Overdrive”, “State of Decay” and “Quantum Break”. Most of these titles are also available for PC, but not for PlayStation. Otherwise, Xbox owners can also enjoy top-class productions that are also available for PlayStation and PC. The best version of the Xbox at the moment is the Series X, while the Series S is a bit more compact.