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Nintendo warns! Why you should not use the Switch in the heat

In summer, it can get really hot in Germany and other countries. When the temperatures climb, you should take good care of your technical devices. Currently, Nintendo even advises not to use the Switch console in hot weather.

Electronic devices like smartphones, laptops or even game consoles usually have an operating temperature. For the Nintendo Switch, this is between 5 and a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius. If it is hotter, the game console can overheat. Therefore, even Nintendo Switch players now warns against too much heat.

Nintendo warns against too much heat

In a recent tweet, the Japanese point out the possible problems caused by excessive heat on the Nintendo Switch. They therefore advise to use the console only within the specified operating temperature and also to make sure that no openings on the device are blocked. This ensures that the Nintendo Switch is well ventilated when it is hot. These tips should be taken seriously, since the thermometer can climb to temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius in summer, even in Germany.

The Switch is a hybrid console, and the Switch Lite is even a handheld. So it is quite possible that gamers will play with the Nintendo Switch in the park in the heat, at the lake in the sun or in the garden. However, special caution is required here, since direct sunlight can cause heat accumulation.

Just in time for summer, Nintendo warns against high temperatures.

Translated, the tweet reads exactly:

When you use Nintendo Switch in a hot place, the temperature of the main unit may become high. Therefore, use it in a place with 5 to 35 °C. Also, if the intake and exhaust vents are blocked, the temperature of the main unit may rise.


What happens if the Nintendo Switch gets too hot?

If it does get too hot, the Switch switches to sleep mode. Playing with the console is then no longer possible. In sleep mode, the device cools down to prevent the Nintendo Switch from suffering long-term damage from the heat. If foreign objects such as dust or dirt block the ventilation slots, the console can also run hot. In this case, Nintendo recommends carefully cleaning the openings. However, the Switch should never be taken apart for this.

Users should also make sure that the air does not accumulate. The console’s docking station should therefore be placed in a way that allows air exchange. The Nintendo Switch should not be placed directly on the wall if you want to avoid excessive heat buildup.


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