OLED TVs from LG now in two brand new sizes

In the run-up to CES 2022, LG has announced some news in the TV sector. The manufacturer is adding two completely new sizes to its OLED TVs in the C and G series.

LG traditionally uses the CES, the Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas for a preview of the TV innovations of the year that has just begun. In 2022, the company will once again focus on its OLED TVs and announce several innovations for them. Users can expect brighter displays, faster processors and new screen sizes, among other things. atechbook summarizes LG’s TV innovations announced at CES 2022.

New sizes for OLED TVs from LG

So far, LG has offered its OLED TVs with a display diagonal of between 48 and 83 inches, depending on the model. The G series, for example, was available in 55, 65 and 75 inch sizes. Now the manufacturer adds the sizes 83 and 97 inches to the G2 series. The latter is thus the largest OLED TV available for purchase so far. But LG also introduces a new size in the field of rather compact TVs. In addition to the already known versions in 48, 55, 65, 77 and 83 inches, the C2 series now also includes a model with a 42-inch display diagonal. According to the manufacturer, this is also suitable as a PC or gaming monitor.

LG did not reveal when it will launch its new OLED TVs at the CES. However, the manufacturer should not wait too long with the launch of its 2022 lineup. The prices of the new models are also not yet known.

Bright Evo panels are coming to the C-series

Last year, LG introduced the Evo panel technology, which is supposed to provide more brightness and a stronger contrast in OLED TVs. Originally, the Evo panels were only available in the expensive G1 series, but this year they are also used in the G2 and the somewhat cheaper C2 series. At the same time, the new Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI processor should also help to further increase luminance through a more intelligent algorithm and better heat dissipation.

The processor uses Deep Learning to improve upscaling performance and give screen images a three-dimensional quality, LG says. It does this by making foreground and background elements more distinct. The Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI is also said to bring improvements in the audio department. For this, LG has improved the capabilities of the AI Sound Pro feature to provide users with lifelike sound. At the same time, the new TVs’ built-in speakers can produce virtual 7.1.2 surround sound.

OLED TVs from LG with new webOS.

LG has equipped the 2022 TV lineup with the latest webOS 22 version, which among other things introduces personal profiles that allow users to set up quick access to their favorite streaming services. They also get customized content recommendations based on their history, as well as real-time notifications about their favorite sports teams. This allows each member of a household to create their own home screen. Logging in to the new profiles is done either through the TV browser or via a smartphone with NFC Magic Tap, LG said.

Also new to OLED TVs for 2022 is the Always Ready feature, which turns an LG TV into a media display when it’s not in use. In this way, the TV can virtually be turned into a digital screen on which, for example, works of art can be presented, the time can be tracked or music can be played.

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