Only one WLAN speaker rated “good” by Stiftung Warentest.

WLAN speakers make it easy for everyone who streams their music from the net anyway. However, many models are still not a sure-fire winner. And that is due to two things.

Mixed. This is the picture that Stiftung Warentest paints after comparing twelve WLAN speakers between 45 and 600 euros. Most of the speakers in the test fail to produce a good sound. Many others stumble in data protection (“test” issue 2/22).

Only a few speakers with good sound

In total, the product testers only awarded three models the grade “good” for the individual sound rating. Eight speakers were devalued due to deficits in data protection – either because of poor password security or clear deficiencies in the general data protection statement or in the one relating to an integrated voice assistant. In the end, only one speaker achieved a good overall score.

Nevertheless, the speakers are versatile, can be conveniently controlled via an app, and can be connected via Bluetooth or the traditional jack cable.

WLAN speakers Stiftung Warentest
The test winner Teufel Holist S was convincing in terms of both sound and data protection, and was the only model to score good overall (grade 2.4) (from about 250 euros). Photo: dpa picture alliance

The test winner was the Teufel Holist S (250 euros), which convinced the experts in terms of both sound and data protection and was the only model to score good overall (grade 2.4).

WLAN speakers Stiftung Warentest
The runner-up, Ikea Symfonisk (Frame), is a 179 euro picture frame speaker. The bezel can also be exchanged for other, colorful pictures for 20 euros. Photo: dpa picture alliance

Second place is shared by the 179 euro picture frame speaker Ikea Symfonisk (Frame) and the 243 euro Sony SRS-RA3000 (both score 2.7). The Bose Portable Smart Speaker (330 Euros) and the Denon Home 150 (247 Euros) received at least a “Good” in the sound sub-rating.

WLAN speakers Stiftung Warentest
The Sony SRS-RA3000 came in second in the comparison (from about 243 euros). Photo: dpa picture alliance

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Older models can be an alternative

The product testers advise prospective buyers to include the five good and still available WLAN speakers from the previous comparison (“test” issue 4/21) in their decision.

At that time, the 556 euro Sonos Five (grade 1.7) was the test winner, followed by the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex (grade 2.2) for 450 euros and the 213 euro Musiccast 20 from Yamaha (grade 2.4).

The goods test note “good” reached at that time also still the 400 euro expensive Denon Home 250 as well as the 650 euro expensive Harman Kardon Citation 500 (in each case note 2,5).


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