Patent pending! Is this what a new PlayStation controller looks like?

Special controllers for smartphones have been around for a long time. But now PS5 manufacturer Sony could also get back into the mobile gaming business.

Sony has filed a patent for a new controller. Instead of for the PlayStation, however, the concept seems to be tailored for mobile devices, or more precisely, smartphones. Is the controller an attempt by Sony to revive its own mobile division after PS Vita and Xperia Play failed a decade ago?

Information about a “Mobile Controller” from Sony surfaced

The patent shows a design that looks like a DualShock 4 controller stretched out in length. It is thus quite different from the current DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5. The appearance of Sony’s design is reminiscent of similar mobile controllers, such as the Razer Kishi, where the smartphone is mounted between the halves. The combination appears similar to a Nintendo Switch – with a large screen in the middle and buttons and joysticks to the left and right of it. Sony Interactive Entertainment aptly describes the patent as having “a left mount portion and a right mount portion held by the user’s left and right hands.” The description also indicates that the controller could have motion control by shifting.

Patent for Sony Mobile Controller
Image material from Sony’s patent application Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

However, it is not clear from the patent application what the controller is connected to the smartphone via. A connection via Lightning for iPhone and USB-C for Android smartphones would be possible. On the other hand, Bluetooth is also an alternative. The controllers for PS4 and PS5 already support Bluetooth connection with iOS and Android. It is also not known what the maximum size of smartphones is to fit into the controller mount.

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New controller to revive Sony’s mobile division?

Sony is no newcomer to the mobile gaming market, but the division has led only a niche existence in the company for several years. However, that could soon change. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan had already announced in mid-2021 that Sony was planning to adapt “iconic” PS games for mobile platforms. Adaptations of AAA titles from well-known game series are to be released for smartphones as early as March 2022. In September, the implementation of a new “WipEout” title for iOS and Android was already confirmed.

It is already possible to play games directly from the PlayStation on your smartphone via Remote Play – even with your own PS controller. However, this does not work in conjunction with PS Now. Other providers, such as Microsoft, are much further ahead here. The company also offers its Xbox cloud gaming service for smartphones. This means that full Xbox titles can also be played on the go with the smartphone.


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