PC gamers rely almost entirely on game downloads

Is it the pandemic? Is it convenience, or simply the way of things? Gamers in Germany are increasingly turning to game downloads. In one games segment, the share is particularly high.

Data media was yesterday, download is today? That’s how you could interpret the new download figures from industry association GAME and market researcher GfK. According to these, almost six out of ten video games in Germany (58 percent) were purchased by download in 2020. In 2019, the share of game downloads was still 45 percent.

Inexpensive titles perform best

One trend here is that the cheaper a title, the more likely it is to be downloaded. According to GfK figures, eight out of ten purchases of games costing up to EUR 30 are purely digital. Accordingly, although downloads are on the rise in terms of volume, only four out of ten euros (41 percent) flow into the coffers of publishers and retailers via downloads. In the same period last year, the share was still one third (33 percent).

Game downloads mainly from PCs

The platform also still plays a significant role. While in the PC sector the majority of games are now purchased as downloads (94 percent), the figure for consoles such as Playstation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox is only 35 percent.

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According to the figures, video games and related digital services generated total sales of around EUR 5.2 billion across Germany in 2020.