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PlayStation 5 finally for everyone? Sony wants to ramp up production

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5 in 2020, the console has effectively been in short supply. That could change soon.

In November 2020, a joyful outcry went through the gaming community when the PlayStation 5 was launched. Sony’s new high-end console was sold out everywhere right after release. This fact was a bit surprising at the time, but nothing unusual in and of itself. The fact that the supply was so slow, however, was. The reason: supply chain problems. Now, more than one and a half years after the market launch, this could finally change!

PlayStation 5 hardly available due to supply bottlenecks

Until now, anyone who wanted a PS5 always had to keep their eyes open and be very quick if in doubt. Even the big electronics stores only ever got smaller deliveries, which were immediately sold out again. That’s why many PlayStation fans are still looking down the tube when it comes to the next-gen console.

The reason for the lack of availability was always the supply bottlenecks, which were mainly caused by Corona. Above all, the required semiconductor chips were and are affected, which also causes problems for other industries. The prices for graphics cards, for example, are still astronomical. After it was still said in April that the resulting PlayStation 5 shortage could last until 2024, however, a statement by Jim Ryan, Sony’s CEO, gave hope to many.

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Sony wants to significantly increase PS5 production

Ryan told investors that an easing of problems within the supply chains was expected. That’s why a significant increase in production levels is planned, Ryan said. “Things are definitely improving.” By comparison, users enjoyed 11.8 million consoles last fiscal year. By 2022/23, that number is expected to reach 18 million units. That would indeed be good news, as prices around the PlayStation could then also finally relax.

Whether smoother supply chains or possibly new processors are responsible for the planned increase in production remains to be seen. According to new information, a new AMD production process could also be used for the PlayStation 5. atechbook will keep you updated on the availability of the PS5.


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