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PlayStation Plus subscribers pissed about horrendous upgrade fees

There is currently trouble about the upgrade for PlayStation Plus. Users from Asia report that they are being asked to pay a lot more. What does this mean for the launch in Germany?

While we are often annoyed here that innovations like the upgrade for PlayStation Plus only arrive with some delay, this might not be such a bad thing in this case. At the moment, there are more and more reports from Asia, where the changes have already been implemented. There, Sony is now unexpectedly claiming fees seemingly retroactively – in no small measure. Here’s what PS Plus subscribers should know about the upgrade.

Upgrade for PS Plus comes with three packages

Sony already announced in March that it wanted to restructure its PlayStation Plus subscription model. In Germany, these changes should come in June; atechbook reported . In the future, the individual packages will be as follows:

PlayStation Plus Essential is to cost 8.99 euros a month (24.99 euros every three months or 59.99 euros a year). As of now, this includes all PlayStation Plus benefits such as discounts, two games to download per month, cloud storage and online multiplayer access.

PlayStation Plus Extra is said to cost €13.99 a month (€39.99 every three months and €99.99 a year). Subscribers to this package will also get a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 titles. All included games are available for download.

The third package is called PlayStation Plus Premium by Sony and it is said to cost 16.99 euros a month (49.99 euros every three months or 119.99 euros a year). In addition to the benefits of the first two plans, subscribers get over 300 additional titles here, including old PS, PS2 as well as PS3 classics. There are also time-limited trial versions with this option, so gamers can get a glimpse before they buy.

Existing memberships will be transferred to the new model according to the rate. A basic version will then correspond to the Essential package in the future. So far, so good and also communicated by Sony. However, Asian subscribers are now reporting additional costs on the Reddit platform. Especially long-time customers complain about problems and unequal treatment.

PlayStation Plus upgrade more expensive than expected

Admittedly, nothing has changed in the stated subscription costs themselves. However, those who previously got their subscription discounted and now want a higher tier package will have to pay more. The reason for this is that Sony apparently deducts the money already paid from the more expensive package and demands the difference. However, the previously granted discount is not included.

Here is the calculation example from a user in Taiwan: There was a 25 percent discount for the Plus package, so it cost NT$45 instead of NT$60. Now the user wants to upgrade to the Extra package, which costs NT$100. Instead of charging the difference of 40 NT$, Sony wants the actual discounted amount, so that the user now has to pay 55 NT$.

Converted to the German model, the first package would have been available for 41.99 Euros instead of 59.99 Euros per year. For the upgrade to PS Plus Extra for 99.99 euros per year, however, one would then have to pay an additional 58 euros instead of 40 euros, as originally suggested by Sony. With PlayStation Plus Premium, even up to 78 Euros per year are due.

Upgrade only valid for entire period

Subscribers in Asia are even more upset that the upgrades are not flexible, but are only valid for the entire period. This means that an upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Deluxe is not only possible for part of the term. So, if you have already ordered for several years as a precaution and now want to upgrade your package, you cannot offset that proportionally with the subscription time slot you have already paid for. Instead, the full period must be paid for in one go.

This means that the former discount is completely gone. To stay with the invoice from just now: Anyone who wants to switch from Essential to Premium and paid three years in advance in the past because of the discount will now receive a bill of 225 Euros.

In other words: Those who have a long-term PlayStation Plus membership will now get off particularly badly. Long-time fans and subscribers are particularly annoyed about this practice.

Do the problems with the PS Plus update also affect Germany?

So far, it is not known whether the same model will also apply to Germany. Sony has not yet commented on the reports from Asian countries, where the PlayStation Plus upgrade has already started. So, it’s quite possible that Sony will respond again by the time it launches here in Germany on June 22, 2022.

While some Reddit users even expect another adjustment for the European and US launch because the propensity to sue is higher there, many see no hope for this. Especially because Sony remains very vague in its FAQs, many suspect that the unfavorable upgrade strategy will also be implemented elsewhere. atechbook will keep you up to date on this.


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