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ProSieben radically restructures its Sunday evening programming

Anyone who wants to watch Hollywood blockbusters on linear television usually does so on ProSieben. In the future, however, this will be possible only to a much more limited extent. The station wants to change its primetime schedule.

ProSieben is actually known for not missing any major TV premiere of US blockbusters. Whether it’s “Fantastic Beasts,” “Avengers” or the new Tarantino film – on German linear TV, all of these movies were shown first on ProSieben. The primetime 8:15 p.m. slot on Sunday evenings was often reserved for such blockbuster premieres. But that is now to change.

No more blockbusters on ProSieben?

Sunday is considered one of the most important days on television, and primetime bears this name because it is just that – the best time for movies, shows and series. It’s not for nothing, for example, that the German TV institution “Tatort” has been running in this slot on the German public broadcaster Ersten for decades. But now, as ProSieben CEO Daniel Rosemann revealed in an interview with DWDL, the station wants to reposition itself precisely in this important time slot.

“We’re parting ways with blockbusters on Sunday nights on ProSieben,” Rosemann says bluntly. “ProSieben is not doing without Hollywood. U.S. license will always have an important share in our grids. But on another primetime night of the week, we have to and want to do without feature films.” So Hollywood content won’t disappear completely from the channel, but it will be much less well-placed in the future. But why is the station deciding to take this step?

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ProSieben wants new Sunday evening program

In the future, mainly in-house productions are to take the place of the big Hollywood productions. These are probably primarily TV shows.

“We want to extend the weekend feeling a bit in the new program. It’s about formats that like to be a window to the world and serve the desire for adventure and escapism with fun and games. It’s a great experience with traveling celebrities that I can watch from the comfort of my own home.”

Daniel Rosemann, DWDL

A total of 52 Sundays per year would be available for this. In June, ProSieben will then present new planned formats for the concept. Fiction, however, is not likely to play a major role, Rosemann said, not even from Germany. “Sprinkling in a single series or a film every now and then – that’s not a strategy. We have to be convinced that we can build a fiction track in the program with different material. We’re a bit away from that at the moment.”

ProSieben probably plans to push and place its own formats, such as the show “Wer stiehlt mir die Show?” even more prominently and to supplement them with other, similar concepts. But why is the station deciding to take this step?

These are the reasons for the change

In general, big titles no longer bring in the good numbers they used to. In addition, the Corona pandemic has significantly limited the supply from Hollywood. Since most films are released on TV about two years after their theatrical release, this effect has shifted somewhat, but is now having a particularly strong impact. Rosemann says, “There will be no satisfactory supply of new blockbusters for us in the near future.”

The station boss also mentions the competition with streaming services such as Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Disney+ and Co. The big Hollywood productions in particular actually often appear on streaming platforms even before the TV premiere. A large part of the target group therefore does not have to wait for linear television to see these productions. Taking Marvel’s “Avengers” as an example, the studio now belongs to Disney, so Disney+ logically has access to new titles in the series well before anyone else.

Incidentally, ProSieben is not the only one affected by this; the density of U.S. blockbusters in primetime has also decreased significantly on RTL+. It is not yet known when the final changeover to this new concept will take place, nor to what extent the change might also affect the company’s own Joyn streaming service.


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