Sky Glass – pay TV broadcaster unveils its own television set

Pay-TV provider Sky announced nothing less than the “revolution of television”. At an event in Munich, Sky showed its innovations to selected guests. atechbook was there on site.

Before we got to see anything live in Munich, there was a switch to London, where Dana Strong, CEO of the Sky Group, already presented the first big novelty. Under the name “Sky Glass,” the provider is launching its own TV. Available in five colors, Sky Glass – a CO2-neutral TV – is intended to make the receiver superfluous. The TV works entirely via WLAN. Sky repeatedly emphasizes how simple Sky Glass is to set up. All you need is a cable to connect it. But that’s not really new, and you still need additional cables for devices like game consoles.

Sky Glass comes with voice control. Sky already has this technology in the remote controls of Sky-Q receivers and is continuing to work on it.

Design and sizes of Sky Glass

They also seem to be proud of the design. For example, they emphasize that there is no visible logo so that the TV blends in well with the decor. The colors of the casing can be further customized in the form of magnetic strips on the bottom of the screen. Sky is really showing off here. We don’t really find the look outstanding.

Sky Glass in blue
The color of the Sky Glass can be adjusted afterwards Photo: atechbook

Sky Glass comes in three sizes – small, medium and large. Translated, these are the popular 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes.

Sky Glass first only in UK and only for Sky customers

Sky Glass will be available in the UK as early as October 18. In Germany, however, the Sky-owned TV will not be launched before 2022. In the UK, you can pay for the device monthly, just like with a smartphone contract. Prices are expected to start at just 13 pounds. You can also buy the TVs outright. 43 inches for 649 pounds, 55 inches for 849 pounds and 65 inches for 1049 pounds.

Sky announced that Sky Glass is only available in combination with a Sky subscription. The new TV will therefore not be offered individually.

New Sky receiver brings not only advantages

Our impression of the Sky TV

The presentation of Sky Glass strongly reminds us of an Apple event. The device in parts as well. Unlike smartphones and tablets, there is little room for new functions in the TV market. At the end of the day, it’s a TV and, of course, the picture and sound quality are what count the most. If Sky manages to score here, the TV could become the iMac of the TV industry. However, Sky Glass will probably not succeed in conquering the mass market. Sky Glass remains a niche product, if only because it is tied to a subscription. The big advantage lies in the low prices of Sky Glass. If the TV really has an excellent picture, then the devices are definitely competitive.