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Sony announces the end of the PlayStation 4

The PlayStation is one of the most important consoles on the market. In the past decade, hardly any was more popular than the PlayStation 4 and its successor, the PS4 Pro. Now, however, manufacturer Sony announced the end.

The PlayStation 4 has been around for almost a decade. And the successor, the PlayStation 5, has actually already been released in 2020, which is why the PS4 was supposed to be phased out in 2021. However, Sony decided against this radical step due to the ongoing delivery problems with the PS5. The console was still too popular and its sales figures were too important. Now, however, the manufacturer has announced that it wants to retire the model for good.

The end for the PlayStation 4

The fact that the production of outdated devices will be discontinued at some point is nothing new. However, the news will probably hit gamers hard, since the PlayStation 4 almost enjoys cult status by now. The console even fetches a lot when used – its price is sometimes higher than the RRP of the cheapest PS5 version. However, since the first hints of an √úS5 Pro are slowly emerging and Sony announced that it would soon be able to ramp up the production of the PlayStation 5, it was only a matter of time before the PS4 was officially discontinued.

In parallel, the Japanese company plans to release more and more titles for the latest console generation and make them available for PC gamers as well. This will make the PlayStation 4 increasingly obsolete.

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When is the end for the PS4?

As has now emerged from an online presentation by Sony, among others, the manufacturer is planning the end of the PlayStation 4 for the year 2025, despite still good sales figures. This would mean that it would exceed its actual expiration date by four years. Sony wants to finally stop production sometime in the course of the year. From then on, no more first-party games will be released for the popular console.

The good news: The PS5 should definitely be available everywhere by 2025, if not already its successor, the PS5 Pro. However, Sony generally wants to make more efforts for PC and mobile gamers in the future. To what extent this might affect PlayStation games is not yet foreseeable.


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