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The best gaming deals for Amazon Prime Day

For Amazon Prime Day, there are also exciting highlights for customers in the gaming sector. atechbook has checked out the offers.

Gaming fans watch out – there are some exciting offers for Amazon Prime Day. The selection in this area is actually very extensive. Games, accessories, hardware and much more is discounted. atechbook has checked which offers are particularly worthwhile. A small note: The Prime Day deals on July 12 and 13, 2022 are only valid if you have an active Prime account with Amazon.


Laptops and monitors

Gaming laptop ASUS ROG Strix G17 for 1999.00 instead of 2499.00 Euro (20%)

If you like gaming on your laptop, you should take a closer look at the Asus ROG Strix G17. With its 17.3-inch display, Dolby Vision HR, 240 Hz and 3ms response time as well as a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, the notebook delivers a nice picture that also meets the demands of more demanding games with 60 to a maximum of 240 FPS. Inside, the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX with 8x 3.3 GHz is a strong CPU working together with 32 GB of DDR5 RAM. 1 TB of SSD storage also provide enough space for a lot of games. The weight of 2.9 kg is quite average for a gaming laptop. The notebook comes with Windows 11 Home, but without an optical drive.

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX3060 for 529.00 instead of 720.80 Euros (27%)

Since graphics cards are a rare commodity especially due to the ongoing supply problems, this Amazon Prime Day offer is worth a look. Although the Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX3060 with 12 GB is also available from some other retailers at a comparable price, it is still a good offer in terms of price, especially since the delivery times are short on Prime Day. With NVIDIA’s Apere streaming multiprocessor, there is decent performance installed inside, which is nevertheless comparatively energy-efficient and well-ventilated.

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Consoles and Co.

DualSense Wireless Controller for the PlayStation 5 for 49,97 Euro instead of 55,90 Euro (11%)

The DualSense for the PS5 set new standards in the controller sector. The immersive haptic feedback enhances the gaming experience, as does the adaptive trigger. Thanks to new technology, it is possible to better transfer recoil from weapons in the game or their cocking force to the controller. A microphone is integrated. At the moment, you can’t find the DualSense Wireless Controller cheaper anywhere.

Nintendo Switch Grey for 279.00 instead of 319.00 Euro (13%)

Even though it is not far away from other offers in terms of price: If you are thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch anyway, you should grab this offer for Amazon Prime Day. Nintendo’s flexible console has enjoyed enormous popularity since its release and has been out of stock from time to time, also due to the disrupted supply chains. In contrast to the competition (notable PlayStation and Xbox), the performance is lower, but the console offers several game modes, including handheld mode. Big Nintendo titles like “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” are also exclusively playable on the Switch. Amazon is offering the gray version of the console at a discount.

PowerA Pokémon Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch for €27.99 instead of €34.99 (20%).

For Nintendo Switch owners and Pokémon fans, there is a handy carrying case for the console in Pokéball look. The lined inner bag contains an extra compartment for the Joy-Cons and a protective flap for six games. Note: The bag is also available in a smaller Switch format and as a larger shoulder bag.


Life is Strange: True Colors (PS5) for €19.66 instead of €31.99 (39%).

One of the best video games of last year; the storytelling and well-written dialogues are particularly noteworthy Alex Chen was separated from her family as a child and passed from one station to the next. Years later, she meets her brother Gabe, but he then dies under mysterious circumstances. In his home, the small mountain town of Haven Springs, Alex tries to get to the bottom of the truth. She is helped by her special empathy.

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Assassins’s Creed Origins (Code Ubisoft Connect) for 9,00 Euro instead of 59,99 Euro (85%)

Which “Assassin’s Creed” part is the best is a big point of contention, as we all know, but “Origins” is definitely in the top ranks. In ancient Egypt, we accompany the Medjai Bayek of Siwa, who takes revenge on the murderers of his son and in the process creates the Assassin Order we know. The catch of the overall good gaming offer for Amazon Prime Day: The product is only a code for Ubisoft Connect (Uplay). However, you can still get the game at a significantly reduced price.

Cyberpunk 2077 (Day One Edition for PS4) for 22.99 Euros instead of 29.99 Euros (20%).

CD Projek Red’s controversial sci-fi adventure is on offer for Prime Day. Despite all its flaws, because the game was released unfinished, it is still a storytelling masterpiece. Night City, the game’s open world, offers plenty of exploration opportunities in the process.

NieR Replicant (PC) for 19,66 instead of 26,10 Euro (25%)

This is the predecessor of the JRPG adventure hit “NieR: Automata” and also represents its prequel. In a destroyed world, you have to survive fights and master dangers in search of a cure for a mysterious disease. The offer for Amazon Prime Day is the DVD-Rom version for PC.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (Switch) for 34.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros (30%).

In PvP mode, Mario and Co. compete against each other in soccer here. In addition to playing basics, collecting skills and reactions are also required. Up to eight players can play this “Mario” spin-off against each other in local mode.

Gaming accessories and headsets

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S for 139,00 instead of 160,12 Euro (13%)

Streamers looking for a straightforward capture device should take a closer look at this offer. No special driver installation is required for this Elgato capture card. 4K signals are no problem, and with 1080p and 60FPS, the transmission is also very fast and smooth. Currently, the Prime Day offer is the cheapest.

HyperX HX-KB7RDX-US Keyboard for 66.29 instead of 82.86 Euros (20%)

This mechanical gaming keyboard from HyperX is especially worthwhile for Prime Day. Besides the good stroke, the RGB lighting is also worth mentioning. RGB stands for red, green, and blue, so the keyboard displays the entire color spectrum, and the illumination is freely selectable, including dynamic effects. The USB-C cable is detachable and the model is only available in black. All in all, a proper, rock-solid gaming keyboard that is currently not available anywhere cheaper

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MSI CLUTCH GM41 Lightweight V2 Gaming Mouse for 31.39 instead of 59.90 Euros (48%)

If you prefer a lighter mouse for gaming, you should take a look at this MSI mouse. It only weighs 65 grams and is thus very compact for a gaming mouse and weighs comparatively little. The symmetrical design allows both right- and left-handed users to use it. A total of six buttons can be individually assigned, plus RGB lighting around the logo.

Oversteel Diamond gaming chair for 129.99 instead of 189.99 Euros (32%)

The right gaming chair is not easy to find. With the Oversteel Diamond, however, Amazon has a real all-rounder on offer for Prime Day. Thanks to its ergonomic design and adjustable neck and lumbar cushions, the chair is suitable for many body types. Only short people under 155 cm have some problems with the height – unfortunately, the offer is very low in this area. The backrest can be tilted by up to 180 degrees, so the gaming chair can also be used as a recliner.


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