The best small TVs up to a maximum of 48 inches

There is not always enough space for a large screen. However, for those who do not want to do without a TV even in small rooms, atechbook recommends five models up to 46/48 inches.

Ideal for small apartments, cozy movie nooks, and minimalist design interiors, TVs with screen sizes up to 46/48 inches are just as versatile as the larger sets and perform at least as well. However, they certainly can’t be beaten in one thing: prices! Because these are just right for a limited budget. And if you do want to spend more money, you can opt for a variety of additional features to suit your own TV preferences.

What makes a good small TV?

The picture quality and the price-performance ratio should, of course, also convince smaller TVs. What also plays a role in the choice: Which manufacturer you want to remain loyal to and with which you have not had such good experiences. atechbook considered both well-known brands and smaller brands in the comparison, whose powerful products also deserve attention. What should not be missing nowadays is a reliable reception and a diverse range of integrated apps, because Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co. have long since become an integral part of one’s entertainment program.

In addition, sustainability and energy efficiency play an important role, especially with electrical appliances – it’s worth taking a close look at power consumption and pleasing environmentally conscious, thrifty consumers.

Top performance from the price leader: CHiQ H7A

This low price is really unbeatable: The CHiQ H7A TV is the best choice when it comes to smaller mid-range models. The 4K with very good picture and sound quality not only convinces the atechbook editorial team, but also excites environmentally conscious consumers, because the power consumption is relatively low. Behind the screen is A1 technology: A wide range of integrated services bring the latest entertainment formats directly into your own living room. So, snuggle up on the couch and start streaming!

Product type 4K TV
Screen size 43 inch
Screen technology LED
Resolution 3,840 × 2,160 pixels
Mounting type Wall mount or with stand
Operating system Android
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Browser
Reception and connections Smart TV, Triple Tuner, DVB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2 HD (H.265), WiFi 2.4 GHz (WLAN), Ethernet (LAN), 3x HDMI, 2x USB 2.0, CI+ Slot, AV Mini, RF, LNB, Bluetooth 4.0
Item dimensions 111.6 × 9.3 × 64.8 cm
Item weight 6.4 kg
Refresh rate 60 Hz

Advantages and disadvantages of the CHiQ H7A

+ High picture and sound quality
+ Wide range of supported Internet services
+ Optimal price-performance ratio
+ Low power consumption

– Remote controls sometimes defective
– Refresh rate verhältnismäßig gering

The price-performance winner: Sony KE-48A9

Sony gehört zu den Spitzenreitern, wenn es um Product Brands für elektronische Geräte geht. Der Sony KE-48A9 mit 48 inch ist zwar etwas teurer im Vergleich zu anderen Fernsehern in dieser Größe, doch der Preis hält, was er verspricht: Die Bild- und Tonqualität des OLED-Bildschirms ist ein Genuss für Augen und Ohren und lässt einen direkt in die Farbenwelt eintauchen. Dabei ist es egal, ob man eine Serie streamt, bei einer Sportveranstaltung hautnah dabei ist oder in einer Doku auf Reisen geht. Dank dem One Slate TV-Design lenkt nichts vom Bildschirm ab. Kontrastreiche Bilder, satte Farben, hohe Resolution – der leistungsstarke Prozessor sorgt für ein authentisches Kinoerlebnis. Lieblingsinhalte via Smart TV können in nur wenigen Klicks eingestellt und abgerufen werden.

Features of the Sony KE-48A9

Product type 4K TV
Screen size 48 inch
Screen technology OLED
Resolution 3,840 × 2,160 pixels
Mounting type Table mount
Operating system Android
Supported Internet Services n.a.
Reception and connections WLAN, 4 HDMI inputs
Item dimensions 25.50 × 107 × 62.90 cm
Item weight 21.78 kg
Refresh rate 240 Hz

Advantages and disadvantages of the Sony KE-48A9

+ Fantastic picture quality
+ Relatively large selection of apps
+ Convincing sound system
+ Minimalist chic design

– Not optimal for next-gen consoles

The energy efficient one: Nordmende Wegavision FHD-A (FHD43A).

The Nordmende Wegavision FHD-A (FHD43A) TV offers pure entertainment: the picture and sound quality provide exactly the viewing experience you’d hope for. The integrated multi-tuner guarantees reliable reception of digital programs, without the need for external space-consuming revievers. The other integrated services are also very useful: unencrypted TV programs can be easily recorded and the time-shift function allows time-shifted TV – so if you have missed a program, a retrieval at a later time is easily possible thanks to the Wegavision FHD-A. The Smart TV feature supports all common media libraries and the Joyn steaming service. Furthermore, what makes this device stand out among the compared devices is its energy efficiency: While relevant devices have the new EU energy label G, this more environmentally friendly TV deserves the energy efficiency label F.

Features of the Nordmende Wegavision FHD-A (FHD43A)

Product type Full HD TV
Screen size 43 inch
Screen technology LED
Resolution 1,920 × 1,080 pixels
Mounting type Wall mount oder mit Stand feetn
Operating system n.a.
Supported Internet Services Media libraries, Joyn
Reception and connections 1 HDMI input, DVB-S2 HD / DVB-C / DVB-T2
Item dimensions 25 × 97 × 61 cm
Item weight 7.8 kg

Advantages and disadvantages of the Nordmende Wegavision FHD-A (FHD43A)

Rating at idealo: Note 2,0 | 4 of 5 stars

+ Very good picture quality
+ Multituner for reliable digital reception
+ Handy time shift function for time-shifted television
+ Relatively low power consumption
+ Relatively energy efficient

– No support for Netflix and AmazonVideo
– Software sometimes susceptible to interference

The color intensive one in Ultra HD: Samsung QE-Q64T

If you’re looking for the best color experience in small TVs, you’ll find it with Samsung: Quantum Processor Lite technology is unbeatable when it comes to picture quality. Thanks to two types of illumination LEDs, the screen has a relatively wide color range and can thus adjust the hues according to the picture content. Even in the most diverse lighting situations in the room, the colors remain strong and the picture sharp. The experts from “Konsument. Das Österreichische Testmagazin” awarded the TV a seal of approval, with media compatibility scoring particularly well in their assessment. That means: full entertainment program with Smart TV!

Features of the Samsung QE-Q64T

Product type 4K TV
Screen size 43 inch
Screen technology QLED
Resolution 3,840 × 2,160 pixels
Mounting type Wall mount
Operating system Tizen OS
Supported Internet Services WLAN, LAN
Reception and connections Smart TV, 3 HDMI inputs, DVB-S2 HD / DVB-T2 HD
Item dimensions 96.35 × 62.94 × 19.52 cm
Item weight 9 kg

Advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung QE-Q64T

Rating at idealo: Note 2,0 | 4 of 5 stars

+ Unique picture quality
+ Innovative QLED technology
+ Top media compatibility
+ Samsung TV as a great EU offer for more entertainment
+ Quick and easy installation

– Sound quality could be better
– Software setup hardly customizable

The classic: LG UN71006LB

A TV with solid performance and all the features you could want: The LG UN71006LB with 43 inches performs particularly well in the lower price category. Just the thing for fast-paced action sequences and colorful adventures: Stiftung Warentest highlights this model’s very good display of fast movements. The sound is also convincing – the built-in speakers deliver a strong sound that authentically reproduces the soundscape even in quiet sequences. Of course, the supporting Internet services should not be missing for a cozy evening on the couch. And that’s where the LG UN71006LB convinces with its offer: Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and many more can be streamed without further ado. The only thing missing is popcorn, and the fun can start!

Features of the LG UN71006LB

Product type 4K TV
Screen size 43 inch
Screen technology LED
Resolution 3,840 × 2,160 pixels
Mounting type Stand feet
Operating system WebOS 5.0
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, YouTube, browser
Reception and connections Smart TV, 3 HDMI inputs, DVB-S2 HD / DVB-C / DVB-T2
Item dimensions 97.5 × 21.6 × 62.7 cm
Item weight 10.98 kg

Advantages and disadvantages of the LG UN71006LB

Rating at idealo: Note 2,2 | 4 of 5 stars

+ Decent picture quality
+ Very good display of fast movements
+ Strong speaker performance
+ Relatively low power consumption
+ Simple operation

– Brightness could be higher


The comparison of smaller TVs has shown atechbook.comutlich: Even in smaller formats, many models can be found that fully meet consumer demands. The presented devices convince with their picture and sound quality, offer a diverse entertainment program with integrated apps and are above all affordable for the small purse.

The Nordmende Wegavision FHD-A (FHD43A)does particularly well on the subject of energy efficiency, but does not have the usual Internet services. The different manufacturers build their own features into the TVs, for example Samsung TV in the 43-inch UHD TV from Samsung. To what extent this offer is suitable for one depends on one’s own brand preferences.

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atechbook recommends the price-performance winner: the Sony KE-48A9 TV with 48 inches. It is the most expensive of the presented models, but the investment is definitely worth it and makes itself felt in the excellent quality.