TV app for HD+ makes additional hardware unnecessary

Until now, it was quite cumbersome if users wanted to access the HD+ offer via satellite. You needed an extra receiver, plug-in modules, TV keys or subscriptions from third-party providers. But a new app for TVs now makes it easier to access HD+ programming.

If you have a satellite dish, it’s now easier to access the HD Plus (HD+) programming offered by the satellite operator Astra. And that’s via TV apps. Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers have added a corresponding app application for HD+ Sat reception to many current TV models via firmware update.

New devices are often even delivered with the HD+ app. Then all that’s needed for reception is a satellite receiver, which is actually integrated in all newer TV sets along with a cable receiver.

HD+ can also be received via the Internet thanks to the app

Panasonic is already going one step further and will even enable HD+ IP reception via app in most TV models from 2021 onwards, without the need for a satellite antenna. Instead, the signals come via the Internet.

That’s why HD+ IP also enables so-called convenience functions, such as restarting programs in progress, accessing many media libraries, and advanced search functions. If the TV is connected to the Internet, which is the rule, these convenience functions are also available for reception via HD+ Sat.

Check compatible TV models

Astra specifies 6 Mbit/s as the minimum Internet line speed for HD+ IP, but recommends 16 Mbit/s. You can find out which TV models support HD Plus IP on the Astra product page. The same applies to TV models with support for HD+ Sat.

The subscription costs EUR 6 per month for both HD+ Sat and HD+ IP. Alternatively, it can be booked for a one-time fee of 75 euros per year. It includes 26 private HD and 3 UHD channels. In addition, there are 50 public HD channels. If you only want these 50 free-to-air HD channels and don’t want to pay anything, you’ll still need a dish and a satellite receiver built into the TV or an external one (DVB-S). Only paying HD+ customers can use the TV apps and convenience functions.