Two new TV channels on Sky – what good are they?

Sky announced five new channels for this year. After Sky Sport F1 , Sky Comedy and Sky Crime, Sky Nature and Sky Documentaries also launched today. atechbook checks what customers are getting and how good the offer really is.

In the article you get an overview of all new channels that Sky has added to its offer in 2021.

Sky Nature and Sky Documentaries since September 9

The two new channels are part of the Sky basic packages and can therefore be used by all customers. Depending on when you signed or renewed your Sky contract, the basic packages are called either Entertainment, Starter or World. In addition, you can also watch the channels via Sky Go

The new channels should automatically show up in 109th and 110th place and can then be set as favorites, for example. If that doesn’t happen, then it’s best to start a channel search.

Sky Nature

As the name suggests, Sky shows nature and animal documentaries here. In some cases, Sky enriches the program with entertaining formats. For example, the Sky original “SaFahri – A Journey to the Elements” with comedian and actor Fahri Yardim (“Jerks,” “Tatort”) is available at the start. There, you can accompany the TV star on his not entirely harmless adventures in nature.

The German premiere of the three-part BBC documentary series “Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World” has also already been announced. This will run on Sky Nature in fall 2021.

Sky Documentaries

On the channel, Sky shows docu-films and series from various subject areas such as sports, history or even biographies. In-house productions are also included. Documentaries are very popular in the age of streaming. Therefore, a linear documentary channel can also meet the taste

On September 11, 2021, the award-winning documentary “Surviving 9/11” will be launched. As the name suggests, it’s about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, which happened exactly 20 years ago on that day.

On September 17, there will be another highlight with “Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic.” Joe Exotic should still be a household name to many. He was the protagonist in the Netflix documentary “Tiger King”. The Sky Original shows how it went on after that.

Then in the fall, “The Ibiza Video: A Journalistic Thriller” about the resignation of Austrian vice chancellor and FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache. The secretly filmed, so-called Ibiza video caused a huge scandal in 2019.

And another announcement also deals with a catastrophe. In “Cruise to Disaster – The Last Night of the Costa Concordia,” people involved talk about their experiences 10 years ago.

Other new Sky channels launched in 2021 include

Sky Sport F1

Just in time for the start of the Formula 1 season, Sky Sport F1 provided a lot of info and races around motorsports. But Sky also planned new channels for the series and film category.

Sky Comedy

The Sky Comedy channel was launched on April 1. Here, users will find both national and international comedy series. Among others, formats such as Thomas Hermanns’ “Quatsch Comedy Club” or a new edition of the British cult format “Spitting Image,” in which puppets play the main roles, are planned.

In summary, comedy fans should be pleased with the channel. Compared to other genres like crime or drama, there’s not as much good content coming in this area, even on streaming services. However, it remains to be seen if Sky will consistently deliver new and interesting content or fall back on classics with many episodes like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to fill programming.

Sky Crime

Sky Crime is the second channel, which launched on April 1. With this channel, Sky probably wants a piece of the true-crime pie. The genre has been absolutely trending both in streaming and podcasting since the launch of “Making a Murderer” on Netflix. So, according to the description, it’s supposed to be more about true-crime programs than fictional crime stories.

True crime is doing very well. In this respect, a separate Sky channel focusing on this area is a good idea. The announced lineup at the start sounds very promising and fans of the genre should get their money’s worth. Here too, of course, what counts is consistency over the long term.

Films and in-house productions

Sky is also stepping up its game on the film front and with in-house productions (Sky Originals) in the coming years. According to the press release, for example, the broadcaster has extended important contracts and will thus remain the top provider of new films in the future. In the case of in-house productions, pure management is not enough, as streaming competitor Netflix in particular is ahead of the game here. That’s why Sky has announced that it will double the number of German Sky Originals in the next two years. A total of up to eight in-house productions per quarter are planned.

Soccer offer restricted

While things are moving forward in many other areas of Sky, the situation is unfortunately different in the area of soccer. The channel’s biggest subscription driver has shrunk. While Sky rightly announces that a large part of the Bundesliga will still be on the pay-TV channel until 2025, just like the DFB Cup and Premier League until at least 2022, as well as the Champions League until the end of 2021, it will also exclusively show Formula 1 in addition to golf. The station thus describes itself as the number 1 for sports fans. For the soccer sector, we would currently still sign off on that. But a closer look reveals that the facade is crumbling. Many years ago, Sky was still the undisputed top dog when it came to the allocation of rights in Germany, but now there is not only DAZN, but also Amazon and large private broadcasting groups, which are strong competitors. As a result, Sky’s offering in this area is becoming smaller. Amazon, for example, secured important Champions League matches for the 21/22 season that were previously on Sky.