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Under 200 euros! The cheapest TVs on Amazon Prime Day

The prices of current TVs are as varied as the selection. Amazon is offering the chance of real bargains on Prime Day 2022. But which TV offers are really worth it? atechbook does the check.

There is an almost endless selection in the TV sector. And right now, some offers are tempting customers with good prices. So it’s difficult to keep track of everything. atechbook helps you and has picked out the cheapest TV deals for Prime Day 2022. All TVs listed here are available for under 200 euros!

The models were mostly LCD TVs with slimmed-down features. You won’t find any high-end features in this price segment. However, the TVs are particularly inexpensive and are thus well suited as a second device or as a mobile version for camping or the gazebo. Most models are also smart, so streaming services like Netflix and the like can be watched directly via the TVs.

A small note: The deals can only be purchased if customers have an Amazon Prime subscription.

TV bargains for Prime Day

Nokia Smart-TV 3200A for 238 Euro 179 Euro (-25%)

Nokia, actually known for its cell phones and smartphones, has had a whole range of TVs on offer for some time. One TV is particularly cheap on Amazon Prime Day. Buyers can currently save a whopping 25 percent.

The Nokia 3200A model comes with a 32-inch LED screen and Full HD resolution. The TV is 4K-capable and supports HDR10 and micro dimming for better illumination. Thanks to the triple tuner, it can be operated on different TV connections and is also Internet-enabled (LAN and WLAN). Users have direct access to apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and the Google Play Store thanks to Android TV. With a total of three HDMI inputs, Bluetooth 4.2, a CI+ slot, and two USB ports, Nokia’s smart TV is also well equipped in terms of connections. Only the refresh rate of 50 Hz might be a thorn in the side of gamers. However, the inexpensive device cannot be called a gaming TV. We recommend connecting a soundbar for a better sound.

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By the way: There are more TVs from Nokia for Amazon Prime Day. However, the other offers under 200 Euros only come with an HD display. Those who are not put off by this will find a larger selection.

Hisense 32AE5500F for 205 euros 145 euros (-29%)

The Hisense AE5500F TV is also available for under 200 euros on Amazon Prime Day. It is even available in two sizes: with 32 inches and HD resolution for 145 euros and 40 inches and Full HD resolution for 195 euros. Both models have a triple tuner and an integrated Smart TV. They even support USB recording and time-shifted TV. The ports are a bit tight, but still okay. Two HDMI ports, two USB ports, a CI+ slot, Ethernet and WLAN are included. Bluetooth is not supported.

Grundig Vision 6 for 169 Euros

The TV from Grundig costs 169 Euros on Amazon for Prime Day. There are no comparative prices, but the cheapest offer for this TV in the past was 179 Euros. So now it is even cheaper again. The Grundig TV relies on Fire TV as a system, which is probably why it is mainly sold on Amazon. However, with its 32-inch Full HD display and Alexa voice control, it is worth a second look. Other devices can be connected to the three HDMI ports and two USB ports. The Grundig Vision 6 also has a LAN port and Wi-Fi, allowing direct access to numerous apps. Bluetooth is unfortunately not supported, but the TV is quite energy-efficient in operation.

Thomson 32HD3326 for 115 euros

The Thomson 32HD3326 for 115 euros is the cheapest TV we could find among the Amazon Prime Day deals. There is no comparison price, but we would still like to introduce the TV briefly. Like the Nokia model, it has a screen diagonal of 32 inches, but only has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is HD. However, that is still okay for the small size. One drawback is Edge LED, which can lead to spots in dark scenes. We have explained why this is the case here:

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The TV from Thompson also has only a few ports. There are two HDMI ports and one USB, users have to do without Bluetooth. On the other hand, it is energy-saving and can be used with all common TV connections. However, those who want to stream via the TV need a streaming stick.

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Tips for buying a TV

Anyone who wants to buy a new TV for Prime Day or in general is usually faced with a few questions. How big should it be, what is the best surface to access Netflix and Co. and does it necessarily have to be an OLED TV?

The optimal size for the smart TV

When choosing a new TV, buyers often intuitively reach for the larger models. However, there is a guideline for the perfect screen diagonal. A smart TV should not be too large, because then you may have problems viewing the picture. If the distance between the sofa and the TV is around two meters, you should rather opt for a small TV with a screen diagonal of up to 49 inches. If, on the other hand, the seating distance is around three meters, you can confidently go for the popular size of 50 to 65 inches. In even larger rooms with a greater distance to the sofa, there is also room for the large smart TVs from 65 inches.


OLED TVs are often significantly more expensive than models with LCD screens. This is due to the screen technology used. LCD TVs are usually built very flat and are therefore ideal for hanging on the wall. They are also considered to be quite durable. The disadvantage is that the backlight is usually attached to the edge and covers a large area. For this reason, individual pixels are illuminated even when they should actually remain dark. Black tends to look a bit gray as a result, and the contrasts are less pronounced.

OLEDs are different. Here, each pixel is illuminated individually. When it is turned off, it appears deep-sharp, which results in the high contrasts and rich colors. In the past, some users were afraid that the picture could burn in if left on for a long time. However, modern OLED TVs have been improved so that this no longer happens.

Samsung’s QLED technology is a kind of intermediate product. This is actually an LCD panel with large-area backlighting. However, Samsung uses a second layer with so-called quantum dots that act as light and color boosters. This results in the high contrasts and rich colors that are reminiscent of OLEDs.

It should already be 4K

4K/UHD televisions now predominate on the market. They have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Their price has dropped so much that it is hardly worthwhile to buy a TV with Full HD resolution. However, buyers do not yet need to reach for the slowly emerging 8K resolution. There is still far too little content for that and such high-resolution TVs are simply too expensive.

A smart TV should also have all the necessary connections. Therefore, check exactly which devices you want to connect before buying.


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