Valve announces its own handheld console “Steam Deck

There is news on the handheld market. The Steam Deck from Valve with a 7-inch touchscreen is not only supposed to provide entertainment on the go, though.

Video game company Valve (“Half-Life,” “Portal”) is venturing into the mobile gaming device business, known as handheld consoles or handhelds for short. This has so far been largely dominated by Nintendo. Once with the Nintendo 3DS, now with the Nintendo Switch console. Valve now presented its Steam Deck, which reminds us of the Switch and Sony’s former Playstation Portable.

Steam Deck is a handheld for PC games

The device is something like a mini gaming PC for on the go, with a 7-inch touchscreen in the middle and control buttons on the edge.

Just like the Switch and the consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the Steam Deck can also be connected to a TV and a monitor – after all, it is a PC. In this respect, you can also use the device for other computer tasks like video streaming or surfing the web. In addition to Valve’s own gaming platform Steam, owners of the Steam Deck can also install game stores from other providers.

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No cheap fun

Interested gamers can already reserve the devices, the deliveries of the Steam Decks are to begin in December. The cheapest version with 64 gigabytes of storage capacity is sold by Valve in Germany for 419 euros. There is 256 gigabytes of storage for 549 euros and 512 gigabytes for 679 euros.