What do the ring colors on the Amazon Echo mean?

Amazon’s Echo, better known as Alexa, communicates with users not only by voice. Sometimes the ring on the smart speakers also lights up in color. From yellow, to red, to blue or purple – atechbook reveals the meaning behind Alexa’s colorful rings.

Amazon uses the light ring of the Echo or Echo Dot to inform users about the current status. For example, the blue, rotating light-up of the ring signals that the Echo has understood the activation word “Alexa” and is processing a request. But what if the ring on the Amazon Echo suddenly lights up consistently in a different color? What if it flashes or pulses in color?

That’s what’s behind the bright colors of the Amazon Echo.

One thing in advance: Although we will talk about the light ring in the following, some Echo models also come with a glowing strip instead of the ring. This is the case for the Echo Show or the Echo Auto, for example, and is due to the design of the devices. How the Echo glows, however, has no influence on the meaning of the colors.

Blue ring

Users probably see the blue ring most often. This is because it appears when the Echo is put into operation or processes a request. The light of the ring can rotate as well as pulsate.

  • Dark blue light ring indicates a brighter, spinning blue light: Amazon Alexa is being launched.
  • Dark blue ring glows constantly, one corner glows a lighter blue: Alexa is currently processing a request.
  • Ring lights up alternately dark and light blue: Alexa indicates that it is responding.

Orange ring

If the ring on the Amazon Echo lights up in the color orange, it indicates that the smart speaker has been put into operation for the first time. However, it also glows orange when it has lost connection to the network. As soon as users connect the speaker to power, the Echo tries to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The light ring then rotates until the Echo is integrated into the home network.

  • Light ring lights up orange and rotates clockwise: Amazon Echo connects to a WLAN network.

To set up Alexa, users are best off using the Amazon Alexa app on their smartphone, which is available for free for iOS and Android. In the app, they have to log in with their Amazon customer data and select the option “Set up a new device”. They then select the Echo model they want to integrate into the home network, click on “Connect to WLAN” and follow the further instructions in the app. As soon as the Echo is connected to the WLAN network, the orange light ring disappears.

Purple ring

If the ring of the Amazon Echo shows the color purple, this can have two causes. Either an error occurred during the WLAN connection or the “Do not disturb” mode is activated.

Purple ring pulsing: Error with the WLAN connection.

In this case, users should disconnect the Echo from the power supply for about three seconds and then try to connect to the network again. If the Echo still does not connect, this can be due to various reasons, such as an incorrect Wi-Fi password, router firmware that is too old, or the Wi-Fi network is overloaded. Amazon describes how you can proceed in these cases in its help forum.

Purple ring flashes rhythmically: Do not disturb mode is activated.

On the Echo, warnings for or notifications of calls, messages and drop-ins can be deactivated via the device button in the Alexa app. The light ring lights up purple in this case. The mode is called “Do not disturb” and can be activated and deactivated via a slider. Users can also set a specific time period via “schedule”.

Red ring

Data protection is a constant topic with smart speakers. To be able to process commands and requests, the microphones are permanently active. If users do not want this, they can switch them off via the microphone button on the Echo. The speaker shows a red ring in this case.

Continuously lit red ring: the microphones of the Amazon Echo are deactivated.

Yellow ring

Sometimes the light ring of the Amazon Echo pulses in yellow. In these cases, a notification is stored for the user. This could be shipping information about an Amazon order, for example.

Yellow, pulsating ring: A message is stored.

To retrieve notifications, users can make the following voice commands: “Alexa, play my messages” or “Alexa, what are my notifications?”.

Deactivate the order function of the Amazon Echo

White ring

The volume of the Echo can be changed directly on the device. If users turn the audio output louder or softer, a rotating white ring appears in this case. It disappears as soon as the volume change is complete.

Spinning white ring: Volume of the Amazon Echo is being changed.

Green ring

With the Amazon Echo, users can also call other Echo owners if they wish. In this case, the light ring lights up green. However, Amazon differentiates between two statuses:

Green ring pulses: A call or drop-in on the Amazon Echo is coming in.

Green ring dreht sich gegen den Uhrzeigersinn: Nutzer befinden sich in einem aktiven Gespräch. Oder es findet gerade ein aktiver Drop In auf dem Amazon Echo statt.