Who buys PS4 games, should pay attention to one thing absolutely

Although the PS5 is already on the market, many gamers still buy PS4 games. atechbook reveals what to look out for, so that you still have fun with the titles for a long time.

The reasons why gamers still rely on PS4 games almost a year after the release of the PS5 can be varied. Some don’t want to, others find the console too expensive. But many are likely to simply fail and despair because of the poor availability of the PlayStation 5. Demand still exceeds supply and gamers have to resort to PS4 titles. Exactly those should know what it takes to be able to play PS4 titles on the PS5 via version upgrade.

Situation with version upgrades not uniform

The problem gamers face is somewhat confusing. Namely, there is no unified solution on how to play PS4 games on the PS5. Sony itself now made it clear that they also offer paid version upgrades for their own titles. These will cost 10 Euros each for “God of War” or “Gran Turismo 7”, for example. PS4 games are then not only playable on the PS5, but are also graphically upscaled.

However, the decision whether and how much upgrades cost is made by each publisher themselves. And this is where the mess starts. If you don’t look closely, you’ll end up paying double in the worst case. Especially during Black Friday and the Christmas season, unintentional gift failures can occur. The following example shows how chaotic this can sometimes be:

EA’s new FIFA 22 comes with a free version upgrade to the PS5. The basketball game “NBA 2K22” from 2KSports is quite different. There is a standard version for the PS4 (69.99 euros), one for the PS5 (74.99 euros) and a cross-gen version for both (84.99 euros). As if the higher price wasn’t annoying enough, owners of the standard version for PS4 don’t have the option to upgrade afterwards. They would have to buy the game again at full price for PS5!

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Check very carefully with every purchase

The problem is therefore obvious. You have to take a closer look at games that do not come from Sony. This applies to both virtual purchases and physical copies. The situation is particularly bad when only the standard versions are available – as is currently the case at Amazon – and you don’t know anything about a cross-gen version. With Sony, you can buy without hesitation, but you have to reckon with extra costs.

The problem does not only affect PlayStation users but also Xbox One users who also want to play the game on the Series X/S. The only difference: the better availability of the Microsoft consoles.


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