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Will we soon be able to play Mario Kart on the PC?

The “Mario Kart” series was a very important building block for Nintendo’s success. Now there are hints that we will soon be able to race Mario and Co. on the PC.

Nintendo is one of the biggest game developers in the world. In addition, the Japanese company is very successful with its consoles. Until now, it was therefore only possible to play Nintendo titles on the company’s own gaming devices, such as the Nintendo Switch. That could change in the future – and “Mario Kart” of all things is taking the first step.

Hints of PC version of “Mario Kart” emerged

Keeping the games in their own cosmos – that has been Nintendo’s motto so far. And the company has done very well with this strategy so far. If you want to play big titles like “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, you have to use the Nintendo Switch. Only on the smartphone could you meet popular Nintendo characters in games in recent years. “Pok√©mon Go” is probably the most prominent name here. With “Mario Kart Tour”, however, there has also been a mobile game of the extremely popular series since 2019. And it is precisely in this game that hints have been hidden that a PC version of “Mario Kart” could also be planned.

Some dataminers were able to discover the option “mouse support” in the code after the latest update of the mobile game. Native emulation also seems to be a possibility.

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Downsized version seems likely

Now, this by no means means means that we can expect a full-fledged “Mario Kart” version for the PC. Most likely, it will be a spin-off of the mobile game. Nintendo has not yet commented on this. Nevertheless, it would be a remarkable step. Until now, it has only been possible to play Nintendo games on the PC with the help of an emulator.

The most likely reason for this step is Google’s big announced gaming offensive. The company is currently working on a new Play Store especially for the PC. The offer should even be launched this year and contain various Android games. This could be serious competition for Nintendo’s games and products, which are geared towards flexibility. If the gate were opened to Mario and Co. on the PC, many more exciting projects would be conceivable.


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