10 iPhone tricks that Apple itself reveals

The iPhone has always had a number of secret tricks that are not so easy to find. With iOS 15 comes a few new ones.

The iOS operating system has many hidden functions that not everyone knows about. On atechbook you can already find many of them with instructions. But now Apple support itself has published a video with 10 tips for iPhone use.

1. delete entries in the calculator app

In the Calculator app, there are no buttons to delete numbers or characters. However, there is a trick: a simple swipe left or right over the number field does just that.

Another handy trick: If you rotate the iPhone 90 degrees, the keypad slides to the right and a scientific calculator with numerous additional functions appears.

2. pin content in iMessage

iMessage has a handy feature for pinning content sent to you. This makes it easier to find links and images, for example. To do this, you need to press and hold the corresponding message and tap Pin in the context menu. Pinned messages have priority in the search function and appear in the chat details. Also, certain apps that support “Shared with you” will display the pins.

3. Stack widgets on the home screen.

With iOS 14, the iPhone got widgets for the first time, which you can freely place on the home screen. The special thing about the small information boxes is that they can be combined with each other. This allows you to create stacks in which several widgets are placed on top of each other. Press and hold a free space on the Home Screen to activate edit mode. Then drag a widget over another widget of the same size to create a stack – you can do this with up to ten widgets. The iPhone automatically learns your usage habits and changes the widget displayed throughout the day, to what you need at the moment. Alternatively, you can simply scroll through the stack by swiping across the widgets.

4. select and copy multiple photos at once

Press and hold a photo until the iPhone vibrates briefly, then drag the image minimally to the side (continue to hold). Now tap more photos with another finger to create a bundle (still holding down). Switch to the app you want to copy the images to while still holding the bundle. Now take your finger off the screen to paste the images to the destination.

5. save time with text replacement

When typing, you can save time by saving frequently used phrases and words as shortcuts using text replacement. To do this, go to the iPhone’s settings and select General, then Keyboard and find Text Replacement. Save the word or phrase you want to replace under Text. In the Shortcut item, you need to enter a shortcut, which will then automatically insert the previously saved phrases when typing.

Another tip: you can add terms that are missing from the previous dictionary to the list in Text Replacement. To do this, tap on the plus in the upper right corner and enter the new word under Text. You can ignore the shortcut item.

6. launch camera from lock screen

The most obvious way to launch the camera on a locked iPhone is to press and hold the round camera icon in the bottom right corner. However, there’s an even quicker way. Just swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left and the camera app will open.

7. scan documents

With a trick on Apple’s iPhone, documents can be quickly and easily scanned and saved as PDFs in the Notes app. When creating a new note, all you have to do is click on the camera icon and the Scan Document option appears.

The iPhone automatically detects the outline of the paper and crops the image accordingly. It automatically straightens the image and adjusts contrast and brightness to make it legible. iOS even recognizes the text on the image, so you can search for specific words in it or copy the content. After that, you can scan more documents, or finish the process. The Notes app recognizes the scanned images as scanned documents. When you save them to your iPhone, iOS automatically converts them to PDF files.

8. use live text in the camera app

With iOS 15, Apple’s iPhone got a very handy feature called Live Text. This lets the iPhone automatically detect text in photos, which you can then highlight, copy, look up, and translate. This works in the camera viewfinder, but also with photos that have already been taken. If there is text in the photo, a small, round text icon appears automatically. This can be used to call up Live Text, which displays the recognized text directly in a small box. There you can copy the text and simply paste it into another app.

9. jump to the first picture in the photos app

Have so many images in the Photos app that it takes too long to scroll to the top by hand? Clicking on the top of the screen (just below the notch) will take you directly to the first image in the gallery. This works the same way in albums in the Photos app, as well as in search results. To get back to the most recent photo, simply tap the appropriate tab in the bottom bar of the Photos app that you are currently in – such as Library or Albums.

10. call Spotlight search

Many people already know that you can call up the search function in the iPhone by swiping down on the home screen. In iOS 15, however, the Spotlight search can even be called up from the lock screen. To do so, it is also enough to swipe down and the search box appears at the top of the screen. If you click on a search result, the iPhone is automatically unlocked via Face ID.


Apple Support: “10 helpful iPhone tips” on YouTube