10 popular smartphones with the greatest loss of value

That smartphones lose value over time is nothing new. However, for some models, the resale price drops drastically, while others remain relatively stable.

As soon as a new smartphone is taken out of the box, its value already starts to drop. With use and the accompanying signs of wear, a device is worth less and less. This is not only due to the use itself, but also because new models that offer even better hardware have already come onto the market in the meantime.

Top 10 smartphones with the greatest loss in value

The US reseller “Decluttr” has published a report evaluating how much value smartphone models lose after twelve months of use. Decluttr works similarly to the site Rebuy, where you can sell old devices. The company evaluates the condition of a device and pays a set amount for it. The used devices are then put up for sale on the site.

The report shows that smartphones from Google and Samsung lose up to 77 percent of their original sales value within twelve months. These are exclusively high-end devices. So, those who were hoping to get rid of an expensive flagship smartphone for a good price after a few years in order to buy a new one will be disappointed.

On Samsung’s side, the former premium models Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 5G are represented. They retain between 29 and 32 percent of their value within the first year. The Galaxy Z Flip with its foldable screen comes off even a bit worse. The smartphone launched in Germany in 2020 with a price of 1480 Euros. Used, it can now be had from 500-600 euros.

Top 10 smartphones with the biggest depreciation
The Decluttr report shows the smartphones with the greatest loss in value Photo: Decluttr

The value drops even more drastically for smartphones from Google than for Samsung. Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 2 XL only bring in 28 to 29 percent of their original value after one year. The Google Pixel 2 is hit the hardest, which is only worth 23 percent.

Top 10 smartphones with the least loss in value

For most, it’s probably no surprise that iPhones top this list. However, it is interesting to note that two Google smartphones also made it into the top 10. In 10th place is the first Pixel device in the XL variant, which still retains 47 percent of its value after twelve months. One reason for this could be that it is the only smartphone that offers unlimited photo and video storage on Google Photos in original quality. The budget device Pixel 3a is in second place, and its value remains even more stable at 48 percent.

Top 10 smartphones with the least depreciation
The Decluttr report shows the smartphones with the lowest loss in value Photo: Decluttr

The following places are exclusively occupied by iPhones. In particular, the larger Max models retain the most value with 57 percent. However, the iPhone 11 holds up best by far, losing only 37 percent after twelve months on the market and thus still retaining 63 percent of its original value.

Apple is also ahead of the pack when it comes to more current smartphones, according to Decluttr. The iPhone 12 Pro has lost only 24 percent of its value in the first six months since release – and the iPhone 12 Pro Max has lost only 23 percent. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which was also launched in 2020, has lost a full 71 percent of its purchase value. On average, the value of Apple devices only drops 40 percent within the first six months, while it is 57 percent for Samsung.


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