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12 otherwise paid apps that are free today

From time to time, both Apple and Google offer games and programs for free in their app stores that you would normally have to pay for. But not all of these apps are really good. atechbook therefore presents the free apps that are worth downloading.

Whether games, useful tools or other helpful programs – for many good apps you usually have to pay a small sum. But every now and then, these apps are also available for free in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. atechbook reveals which free apps are currently available and has picked out the best for you.

The free apps of the day presented here are mostly offers that are only available for a short time. If you are interested in an application, you should be quick, because tomorrow the free apps of today could be available for a fee again.

The current free apps for Android


Stickman Legends: Offline Game (otherwise 0.99 euros)

An entertaining mix of RPG and PvP where you play as a ninja against your enemies.

4.0/5 stars (257,000 ratings), 10 million+ downloads.

Evertale (otherwise 0.99 Euro)

Casual game in which you have to catch and train monsters.

4,3/5 stars (404.000 ratings), 5 Mio+ downloads

Shadow Knight Ninja Fight Game (otherwise 1.99 Euro)

You roam a dark fantasy world full of undead, orcs and other creatures.

4.4/5 stars (66.200 ratings), 1 Mio+ downloads


Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR (otherwise 4,99 Euro)

App to scan and edit documents.

4,3/5 stars (20.600 reviews), 500.000+ downloads

Reminder Pro – Reminder (otherwise 2,29 Euro).

Handy app with reminder function.

4.0/5 stars (1820 reviews), 100,000+ downloads.

The latest free apps for iPhone and iPad


CyberAge (otherwise 4.99 euros)

Open world adventure game in which players must solve the mysteries of the unique, sometimes criminal and controversial iceberg city with the main character Max.

5/5 stars (5 reviews)

Boundary. (otherwise €0.99)

This high score game is all about precision and timing. The goal is simply to keep the ball in the box.

4.6/5 stars (14 reviews)

SEVEN’s CODE (otherwise 3,99 Euro)

Action game of the new generation.

4.8/5 stars (105 reviews)

One Hit (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

Task is to hit the spinning targets. You only have one shot at that!

4,8/5 stars (12 reviews)


Weple Habit – Daily Routine (otherwise 1,99 Euro)

This app helps to implement good resolutions and establish helpful routines.

4.4/5 stars (11 reviews)

µMagnetometer (otherwise 1,99 Euro)

This app can be used to measure the strength of magnetic fields in the vicinity.

4.4/5 stars (60 reviews)

Time Signal Alm Clock & Timer (otherwise 5.99 euros).

Practical and clear timer and alarm clock app with additional functions.

4.3/5 stars (83 reviews)


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