217 new emojis on WhatsApp – who gets them?

Emojis can already express a whole range of things and emotions. Now WhatsApp is adding a variety of new emojis for Android users. But not everyone will be able to use them at launch.

The Unicode Consortium adds new emojis to its list every year, but developers must first support them in their apps. Therefore, new emojis often only come to the smartphone in app updates. With the 13.1 emoji update, 217 of the small, colorful symbols are making their way into WhatsApp. However, they are initially only available to beta users with Android.

Preview of the emoji news

WhatsApp provides in its new beta update with the version number a whole series of new and changed emojis for Android users, as WABetaInfo reports. They were partly adapted to the Messenger’s own layout and come from the list of emojis released by the Unicode Consortium in the spring of this year. Apple users with iOS 14.5 or higher have been able to use some of the new emojis since April.

A complete list of all new emojis can be viewed via the Emojipedia website. Among the emojis are, for example, men and women with beards, as well as emoji combinations of man, woman, heart and kiss – each in different skin tones and hair colors. But also new is the emoji that has its head in the clouds, that exhales or whose eyes are made of spirals. A burning or doctored heart is also available.

Here is a small first impression:

New WhatsApp emojis
The new emojis in WhatsApp Messenger. Photo: WABetaInfo

Also interesting: This is what the emojis mean on WhatsApp.

So far, only beta users with Android can send and receive the new WhatsApp emojis among themselves. Recipients without a beta account cannot see the new symbols yet. The update mentioned at the beginning is available for beta users to download immediately. It is not yet known when WhatsApp will roll out the new emojis for the regular version of the app.

Would you like to become a WhatsApp beta tester? We’ll explain what you need to do to do that here:

How to become a WhatsApp beta tester?

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