24 apps for iPhone and Android that are free today

Many paid apps are offered for free download from time to time. atechbook has compiled a list of apps that are free for a short time.

Die ausgewählten Apps werden nicht dauerhaft gratis angeboten. Wenn Sie sich für eine Anwendung interessieren, sollten Sie also schnell sein mit dem Download. Wir haben uns bei unserer Auswahl auf Apps für Android und iOS konzentriert, die zumindest eine gute Bewertung erhalten haben und diese zur besseren Overview nach Rubriken sortiert.

Free apps in the Apple App Store

Game apps

Doterminism (otherwise 2.99 Euro)

Minimalist game with Dutch design and beautiful soundtrack is a mix of art and puzzles.

4.8/5 stars (5 reviews)

Cosmic Frontline AR (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

Get ready for beautiful 3D graphics and spectacular spaceship battles.

4.4/5 stars (133 reviews)

Gerald the Mage (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Classic arcade game. Help the wizard Gerald master his journey full of challenges, skill and puzzles.

5/5 stars (1 reviews)

Graph Paper Dungeon (otherwise 0,99 Euro)

Maze game, and a tribute to the art of pencil-and-paper role-playing games.

4,6/5 stars (36 reviews)

Up Slide Down (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

Put the numbers or symbols in the right order.

4.3/5 stars (15 reviews)


AirDisk Pro (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

App to store and manage files on iPhone and iPad. You can connect from any Mac or PC via WLAN and drag & drop files directly from the Finder or Windows Explorer.

4.6/5 stars (876 reviews), contains in-app purchases

Remote Control for computer (otherwise 9,99 Euro)

Remote control for computer.

4,7/5 stars (4100+ ratings)

Audio Trimmer – Trim Audio (otherwise 1,89 Euro)

“Audio Trimmer” lets you edit and trim audio files directly on your iPhone or iPad.

4.5/5 stars (33 reviews)

Scanner Lens (otherwise 1,99 Euro)

ScannerLens helps to get sharp and clear JPG/PDF/TXT in just one tap.

4,8/5 stars (2637 ratings)

A.Clock PRO (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

Alarm clock with timer. The timer periodically reminds about the elapsed time.

4.2/5 stars (79 reviews)

Minnow: Watch Shows and Movies (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

The app bundles all streaming services and informs you when new episodes of your favorite series are released. You can create watchlists, share them with others and start the respective streaming services directly from the app.

4.3/5 stars (276 reviews)

Guitar Chords Toolkit (otherwise 0,99 Euro)

Eine einfache Overview über alle Gitarrenakkorde

5/5 stars (one review)

Strongify Easy Workout Tracker (otherwise $8.99)

A fitness app that lets you track all your workouts in detail, including widgets.

4.5/5 stars (60 reviews), contains in-app purchases

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Creativity apps

LAYÒUT (otherwise 0,99 Euro)

Turn your photos into works of art.

4.6/5 stars (1100+ reviews), contains in-app purchases

Story video maker by Lo-Op (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

Create an animated video from 1 to 6 photos, with intro and outro if desired.

4.5/5 stars (211 reviews), includes in-app purchases

ACDSee Pro (otherwise 7.99 Euro)

This pro app offers many settings when taking pictures and post-processing, as well as a tool for creating collages.

4.7/5 stars (1019 reviews)

Free apps in the Google Play Store

Action and adventure games

Epic Heroes War – Premium (otherwise 0,59 Euro)

In the real-time strategy game, you have to build a powerful army and fight enemy hordes in quests and battles with other players.

4.2/5 stars (23,000+ reviews), 500,000+ downloads, contains in-app purchases

Neo Monsters (otherwise 0.50 Euro)

Strategy RPG with epic 4v4 battles between two teams with up to 16 monsters.

4,1/5 stars (127.000+ reviews), 1 million+ downloads, contains in-app purchases

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight (otherwise 0,86 Euro)

Gritty fantasy RPG where you have to master various adventures with a freely customizable knight.

4.7/5 stars (340,000+ reviews), 10 million+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases.

Puzzle games

Blackthorn Castle (otherwise 3,09 Euro).

Point-and-click adventure with numerous puzzle games.

4.6/5 stars (42,000+ reviews), 500,000+ downloads, includes in-app purchases

Brain Games Pro (otherwise 2,99 Euro)

Game collection with many games that challenge the brain.

4.8/5 stars (26,000+ reviews), 1 million+ downloads

Minesweeper Pro (otherwise 1,39 Euro)

Minesweeper with a classic look.

4.6/5 stars (16,000+ reviews), 500,000+ downloads.

Bricks Breaker Pro (otherwise €4.09)

Find the best position to break the bricks.

4.4/5 stars (3771 reviews), 100,000+ downloads, includes in-app purchases.


EZ Notes via Voice Memos (otherwise 6.30 Euro)

Notes app that also allows you to create quick voice notes.

4.6/5 stars (4627 reviews), 100,000+ downloads