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31 new emojis announced – selection somewhat disappointing

Just in time for this year’s World Emoji Day on July 17, new motifs of the little smileys and symbols were announced. Instead of over 100 as in the previous year, the number of new emojis for 2022 is much more manageable.

A total of 31 new emojis were proposed as part of the update to Unicode 15.0. However, it remains to be seen whether all of them will be available on the web as well as on Android and iOS. So far, the new motifs are only suggestions. If they are approved – which is usually the case – they will probably be available with Emoji 15.0 from fall 2022.

The new emojis in the update to 15.0

Not only the small number of new emojis, but also the motifs are somewhat disappointing. Because we don’t really get to see anything new in the update to Emoji 15.0. Many of the motifs are also available multiple times, since they are offered with different skin tones, which are counted individually.

According to Emojipedia, the “shaking face” is new. It is the only new smiley in the update. There are also new hearts in the colors blue, gray and pink, as well as a waking hand in the aforementioned different skin tones. The latter could also stand for high-fives. The update to Emoji 15.0 could also introduce new animals, if the suggestions are accepted. These include a moose head from the front, a donkey, a raven, a goose, and a jellyfish. In addition, there is now a symbol for ginger and peas, angel wings, a comb and a fan, as well as musical instruments and the hyacinth as a new flower. Pure symbols in Emoji 15.0 include the WLAN sign and the Khanda – the religious symbol of Sikhism. Overall, the new emojis are supposed to be an addition to be able to express other cultures even better.

Changes still possible

It will still take until the update to Emoji 15.0 is officially released in September and thus all new motifs are officially introduced. Until then, the look of one or the other emoji could still change in principle. The introduction is then probably planned for October or November. Then the new emojis will come to Android and iOS as well as to the numerous software programs that work with emojis.