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4 apps with which the tax return is done quickly

The tax return is an annoying evil, but in most cases you can’t avoid it. However, there are now a few apps that can help you complete this task relatively quickly and easily. atechbook explains what the most popular tax apps can do.

ELSTER should make tax returns much easier. However, many taxpayers are not really comfortable with this official software from the tax authorities. It is too complicated, confusing and, above all, not really usable on a smartphone. In addition, there is no help in case of problems, so in case of doubt, you have to consult a tax advisor again. Taxbot, Taxfix and the like promise to guide users through the tax jungle. But how well do they work in practice and can tax apps really replace a tax advisor?


“Taxfix” is one of the most popular tax apps with an intuitive user interface. Here, you don’t have to fill out any form fields; instead, you go through a predefined list of questions. Another great advantage of “Taxfix” is that the tax return can also be completed via PC or notebook, because the offer works equally well in the web browser.

In free mode, the expected tax refund can already be calculated; fees are only charged when the return is submitted. These amount to 39.99 euros for single persons and 59.99 euros for married couples and registered partnerships. This is undoubtedly cheaper than using a local tax advisor. However, whether the tax savings are the same depends on the specific individual case. In addition, the self-employed and freelancers are currently excluded from Taxfix, at least according to the homepage.

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Similar to “Taxfix”, “Steuerbot” also relies on a playful chat mode to summarize all the necessary information for preparing the tax return. All data is then transmitted to the tax office via the standardized ELSTER interface. Here, too, there is a free preliminary calculation of the expected tax refund.

In case of additional questions, a support team of tax experts is also available, which responds within 24 hours. Advantage over “Taxfix”: For refunds of less than 100 euros, use is free of charge, provided there is also no obligation to submit a tax return. All other users pay 29.95 euros per tax return; short-time workers receive a rate discount of ten euros.


Buhl Data Service has long been known for its “WISO” tax return software. In comparisons, such as Finanztest, the program has also been quite convincing in the past. A big advantage over other apps is that “WISO Steuer” not only runs on Android and iOS smartphones, but also on PCs, Macs and in the browser. Unlike the competition, self-employed users can also explicitly prepare their tax returns with WISO.

The app is even suitable for capital investors, real estate owners or pensioners. The standard version of WISO Tax costs 29.95 euros per tax year, and up to five returns can be submitted. Starting at 128.95, there is also a “Profi Check” option, which allows users to have their tax returns professionally reviewed.

Kontist Tax Service

A very interesting alternative to the tax apps mentioned so far is “Kontist”. The app is best known as a bank account for freelancers. For some time now, the Berlin-based company has been offering a supplementary personal tax service for freelancers, which can be booked in addition to the current account in the “Kontist” app. However, there is one big difference to all the offers mentioned so far: You don’t have to fill out the tax return yourself; this is done by tax consultants specially trained for solo self-employed people.

This makes “Kontist” undoubtedly the most convenient solution among all tax apps, which is, however, also reflected in the price. The service includes, in particular, private and business tax returns, advance VAT returns, and annual financial statements. Prices start at 99 euros for small businesses, and 149 euros for more.

Is a tax app worth it?

In many aspects, “WISO Steuer” offers the best overall package among the tax apps mentioned. It is also quite comparable with “Steuerbot” and “Taxfix” in terms of price, but explicitly includes the self-employed as a professional group. “Taxfix and Steuerbot, on the other hand, are basically only suitable for employees; they use standardized queries. The apps quickly reach their limits for more complicated tax cases. “Kontist” is a special case in comparison, but by far the best solution for solo self-employed persons, because when sales tax and depreciation are added, there is no way around the tax advisor, at least for this professional group.


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