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5 tips to charge your smartphone battery properly

Plugged in and done? Wrong, because you can do a lot of things wrong when charging your smartphone. In the worst case, the mistakes ensure that the battery ages faster and wears out.

Often, it is the dwindling capacity of the battery that leads to smartphones being replaced. But there are a few things you can do when charging to prevent your phone’s battery from aging prematurely. These are five tips you should take to heart when charging your smartphone.

1. do not fully discharge or charge smartphone

Protect your smartphone battery by not constantly discharging it completely and then fully charging it again. It is ideal for the battery if it is permanently between 30 and 70 percent. Most batteries installed in current smartphones already have a function that automatically ensures this. The battery is only charged to a certain point overnight, around 80 percent. The battery only draws the remaining 20 percent in the morning, shortly before users usually disconnect the smartphone from the mains.

2 Only recharge halfway through

If the battery is charged, but has meanwhile been somewhat loaded again, you should not recharge immediately. As long as the battery is more than half charged, you should continue to use the battery power before plugging the smartphone in again.

Charging the smartphone at room temperature

If the temperature in the room is too high or too low, this can affect the charging cycle of the cell phone. Therefore, you should charge your smartphone mainly at room temperature. It becomes dangerous for the battery at temperatures higher than 40 and lower than -10 degrees Celsius. What cold does to a smartphone, you can read here:

This is how dangerous cold is for our smartphones

4. do not use the charger permanently

When the smartphone battery is fully charged, you should remove the charger from the power. If the smartphone still remains connected to the mains for too long when the battery is full, this can put a strain on the battery. And it will be expensive, because a charger draws power even when the battery is actually already charged.

5. store the battery in a cool place

If the smartphone is not going to be used for a while, it is better to remove the battery from the phone and store it, if possible. This prevents a possible deep discharge, which damages the battery. Attention: the removed battery must be stored in a cool environment. This tip actually only applies to older smartphones, since the battery is usually permanently installed in newer models.


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