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5 tips to free up storage space on your iPhone

More storage space on your iPhone without having to delete photos or apps? atechbook gives you five tips to free up valuable memory.

Storage space on the iPhone is a valuable commodity. Due to the lack of a memory card slot, it cannot be expanded later and every memory upgrade when buying the smartphone costs an enormous amount of money. Many users are therefore on the move with too few gigabytes – and regularly have to contend with full memory. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, atechbook has tips for freeing up memory on your iPhone without parting with photos or apps.

Delete chat histories automatically

If you send a lot of SMS and iMessages back and forth in the iPhone’s Messages app, a lot of data can quickly accumulate and take up the available storage space. Therefore, you should check how long the device stores these files.

If you select “Settings”, “Messages” and then tap on “Keep messages”, the phone will reveal whether the chat histories are deleted after 30 days, after a year or never at all. The shorter you set the time limit before messages are automatically deleted, the less data accumulates over time.

iPhone messages
How long you keep messages can be set in the settings Photo: atechbook

However, you should definitely save important photos and videos in “Photos” app before deleting old chat histories.

Do not save photos twice

If you take a lot of photos with the iPhone, then it can quickly happen that photos occupy a large part of the internal memory. And among them can be unnecessarily many duplicates. If you take a lot of photos with the HDR mode of the iPhone camera, then two photos are always saved at the same time. A normally exposed photo and the HDR version with a higher dynamic range. The more photos you take, the more storage space on the iPhone is eaten up unnecessarily.

To turn off this double saving, just go to the iPhone’s “Settings”. Then go to “Photos & Camera” and there to the item “HDR” and deactivate “Keep photo”.

Deleting local data from Netflix, Amazon and Co.

Many video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a very handy feature. They allow you to download episodes of series or movies and watch them without an Internet connection. This means you can catch an episode of your favorite series or watch a movie on the plane or train, even if the WLAN on board is anything but reliable.

Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

But after the last series marathon, did you remember to delete the downloaded videos from your iPhone? If you’re running low on memory again, it’s worth taking a look at the most frequently used video apps. Maybe there is still a series or two in the downloads that is unnecessarily taking up storage space on the iPhone.

Clear browser cache

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet with your iPhone, you will also accumulate a lot of data. Texts and images from websites are stored locally on the iPhone in the so-called cache so that they don’t have to be reloaded from the web every time. However, this cache can also take up a lot of storage space on the iPhone over time.¬†Clearing Safari’s cache can free up valuable megabytes.

Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

To delete this data, open the iPhone’s settings and scroll down to the “Safari” item. Here you now select the item “Clear history and website data”.

Offload apps in the settings

You can find the option in the settings under “General” and “iPhone storage”.

Photo: atechbook

Here you can activate the swapping. Then the iPhone or iPad automatically identifies little-used apps and removes them. If you only want to swap out certain apps, then tap on the respective program further down. Here you can then choose between “Swap” and “Delete”.


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