7 iPhone cases that TECHBOOK editors use.

Whether colorful, with card slot, chain or even waterproof – smartphone cases are available in a wide variety of designs. Especially for Apple’s iPhone, the range is huge.

Some people like to change the colors of their phone case, others like it more classic. Still others carry half their wallet around in their case. But how do our editors handle it? atechbook gives an insight into which iPhone cases they have chosen and why.

TORRAS Hard Case – Andreas Filbig, atechbook

Apple Original Cases – Adrian Mühlroth, atechbook

iPhone 13 mini leather case with MagSafe
iPhone 13 mini leather case with MagSafe Photo: atechbook
iPhone 12 Leather Case with MagSafe
iPhone 12 Leather Case with MagSafe Photo: atechbook

I bought original cases from Apple made of genuine leather for both my personal iPhone 13 mini and my iPhone 12 from work. The advantage of the cases is that they protect the entire iPhone, with the edge sticking out at the camera and screen. In addition, they fit extremely well, so that hardly any dirt can penetrate. And if that happens anyway, the particles settle in the microfiber lining on the inside and can not scratch the iPhone. Another plus point is that the leather cases support Apple’s Magsafe, so I can use my accessories like the cradle and wireless powerbank with them. The only drawback is that genuine leather changes over time and develops a patina. This doesn’t bother me personally, but I’m sure there are others who don’t like it.

GameBoy case – Adrian Mühlroth, atechbook

iPhone 6s retro game console case
iPhone 6s retro game console case Photo: atechbook

For my older iPhone 6s, I use a case that I once ordered from Amazon for fun. The case has a full GameBoy clone with a small selection of retro games integrated – including screen, control buttons and even a speaker. I wouldn’t take the iPhone and case with me everywhere, but it’s a nice way to pass the time.

Elgato Liquid Silicone Case – Rita Deutschbein, atechbook

Liquid Silicone Case by Elgato
Liquid Silicone Case by Elgato Photo: atechbook

The iPhone 13 is available in the new color rosé, which I also chose. I was therefore looking for a sturdy case that complements the colorful look of my iPhone well. I found what I was looking for at Elgato. The Liquid Silicone Case for the iPhone 13 is a simple case without a lot of bells and whistles, which also has a fair price and fits very well on the smartphone. Inside, it has a layer of microfiber that protects the smartphone’s glass surface. On the outside, it is made of a silicone blend that is very comfortable to the touch. It is soft and velvety, and its non-slip material ensures that the device sits securely in the hand. The material of the case goes slightly around the edges of the iPhone, so corners and edges are well protected in case of a fall. The light frame around the camera also ensures that it does not get scratched. Pretty to look at, elegant, yet sturdy – I really like Elgato’s iPhone case.

iPhone case Vena vCommute – Nuno Alves, BOOKs

iPhone case Vena vCommute
iPhone case Vena vCommute Photo: atechbook

My Vena vCommute iPhone case is admittedly not particularly aesthetically pleasing, externally transforming the elegant smartphone (an iPhone 12 Pro) into a rugged, unattractive device. In return, the case offers numerous other advantages that are important to me. Since I don’t like to walk around with a wallet, I use the integrated cardholder for my documents: Bank card, ID card, driver’s license, insurance card and gym card. Only four cards fit inside, but with a bit of willpower, more are possible. In addition, the Vena-vCommute case also has a stand function, so that I can also watch videos on the plane or elsewhere. In fact, the robust design also has a function: The case has successfully cushioned the iPhone from many a fall. My conclusion: extremely ugly, but just as practical.

Ideal of Sweden iPhone case – Larissa Königs, TRAVELBOOK

iPhone case by Ideal of Sweden
iPhone case by Ideal of Sweden Photo: atechbook

The hype around the iPhone cases from Ideal of Sweden was actually almost over when I got my first case of the brand in the spring of 2021. Previously, it had simply made no sense for me with my “old” phone to spend so much money on a case – because at Ideal of Sweden you pay gladly times 30 euros for a case. Since I flirted with the design in marble look, which fits perfectly with my laptop sleeve, but for some time, I finally decided despite the high price for the case. Since then, I’ve been testing it extensively: after all, I drop my phone regularly (about 5 times a week). So far, the case has completely protected the back from damage. However, it is partially cracked at the corners already something. Sure I am also the “hard case” for all cell phone cases – but for the price I would have expected even more stability. After one year, my conclusion is: If you are more into design and like to spend more on your case, you are in good hands with Ideal of Sweden. Tollpatsche like me, however, should consider alternatives that offer more security.

iPhone case from TUCCH – Alexandra Grauvogl, FITBOOK

iPhone case from TUCCH
iPhone case from TUCCH Photo: atechbook

I have a flip case from TUCCH for my iPhone XR. I find it very handy because the display is super protected when I just throw the iPhone in my backpack or purse. In addition, I have through the pockets on the inside enough space for Perso, credit card, etc., so you can also go out well without a wallet. When folded down, I also use the case as a stand for the phone, for example, during video calls. Small disadvantage: If you want to shoot photos, you always have to be careful that the lid does not flip in front of the lens.