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9 paid apps that are free today

Every now and then, apps for Android and iOS are available for free that would otherwise cost something. atechbook has taken a look around the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store and compiled a list of apps that are free for a short time.

The apps listed in this news are not permanently offered for free. The free promotion period is usually only for a short time. So if you are interested in an app, you should be quick with the download. For a better overview, we have focused our selection on apps for Android and iOS that have received at least one good rating and sorted them by category.

Free apps in the Apple App Store

Game apps

The Tiny Bang Story (instead of 4,99 Euro)

Entertaining, beautifully designed puzzle game that requires creativity to save the Tiny Planet and its inhabitants.

4.6/5.0 stars (712 reviews)

République (instead of 2.99 euros).

This mobile game combines puzzle fun with sneak elements and strategic thinking. In a totalitarian surveillance state, the goal is to rescue and smuggle out a mysterious woman.

4.2/5.0 stars (898 ratings)


PDF Cam Scanner: Photo to PDF (instead of 2,99 Euro)

This app accurately photographs documents and then converts them to PDF. A handy little app that’s free for iOS devices today.

4.3/5.0 stars (102 reviews)

Voice Notes+ (instead of 7.99 euros).

Practical note-taking app with dictation function.

4.2/5.0 stars (46 reviews)

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Creativity apps

Secret Private Diary (instead of 4.99 euros)

Motives to write a diary are many. This app facilitates access and you always have your own thoughts with you in the form of entries on your smartphone, linked to a practical timeline.

4.3/5.0 stars (24 reviews)

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Free apps in the Google Play Store

Action and adventure games

Crossroads: Roguelike RPG Dungeon Crawler (otherwise $4.99).

Card game in role-playing mode, entertaining and minimalistic, but well playable.

4,2/5 stars (106 reviews), 1000+ downloads

Cartoon Craft (instead of 1.99 Euro)

Entertaining real-time strategy game with an entertaining storyline in which you build and defend a settlement.

4.1//5.0 stars (63,200 ratings), 1,000,000+ downloads

Mind games

PUSH (instead of 0,99 Euro)

This game demands patience as well as skill and three-dimensional thinking.

4.3/5.0 stars (1400 ratings), 100,000+ downloads


Equalizer FX Pro (instead of 1,99 Euro)

This handy free app can significantly increase the sound quality of an Android smartphone.

4.4/5.0 stars (14,900 reviews), 100,000+ downloads


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