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Account compulsion! Windows can soon only be used with a Microsoft account

For a long time it was possible to use Windows with a local account. Now, however, the account requirement is getting stricter. Users have to get a Microsoft account in order to install Windows.

The latest news will probably not be to the liking of most Windows users. Microsoft will probably extend the account requirement in a future update. It was already clear from the start that you had to get a Microsoft account for Windows 11 Home. But now the tech company is going one step further.

Account obligation for Windows 11 Pro

An “account obligation” will soon be introduced for Windows 11 Pro as well. This means that Windows 11 Pro can no longer be installed with a local account on the PC or laptop, but a Microsoft account is required.

The local option was already removed in the Home version in 2021. Now, this is also to be applied to the Pro edition with the update 22H2. But with that comes another change besides the account requirement. A working Internet connection also becomes a requirement, Windowslatest reports. However, this requirement will probably bother considerably fewer users.

More advantages than disadvantages

Basically, a Microsoft account is quite useful for Windows users. This is because, among other things, the cloud service OneDrive and Co. are directly synchronized with your own account during the installation, so that you can effortlessly manage your data on several PCs. If you use the Microsoft ecosystem fully, then such an “account compulsion” can be quite useful. However, this also means that personal data is passed on or made available to Microsoft. Not every user agrees with this.

Currently, you can bypass the account constraint in the Pro version by entering a non-existent mail address including password. This logically leads to an error message, which can be bypassed by clicking the “Continue” button. However, Microsoft will also abolish this with the update that is expected in fall 2022.

Basically, only one model without account constraints will remain – and that is Microsoft 11 Enterprise. This version is basically intended for companies. Admins or users can freely decide whether they want to log in with a local account or a Microsoft account.


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