Activate hidden functions in the iPhone control center

In this series, atechbook shows you the best iPhone hacks and tricks – with video and detailed instructions. In part 8 we show you hidden functions in the control center of iOS.

The iPhone has had a long development history since its launch in 2007. Over the years, Apple has continued to expand the iOS operating system, often adding small and large, sometimes well-hidden features. In the series “iPhone hacks” atechbook shows you the best and most practical of these features.

In part 8, we will show you hidden features in the control center of iOS:

How it works

The control center in iOS has many small extra functions that are not obvious at first glance. Some of the icons have an extended menu that only opens when you click on it for a long time. For example, you can hold down the slider for screen brightness and then get to DeepL accesses Dark Mode, Night Shift and True Tone. A long click on the camera brings up direct selections for selfies, videos and portraits.

If you hold down the timer icon, you can directly set a time between one minute and two hours and start it right away. We especially like the flashlight, which offers different brightness levels to choose from when you hold it down for a longer time.

Another trick: Move multiple apps on iPhone at the same time.