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After update iPhones slower! Apple is sued

An iOS update slowed down a number of iPhones. Apple is now facing a lawsuit in the UK because of this.

The case in question has been around for a few years – especially in the technology world. In 2017, after an iPhone update, complaints increased that iPhones that had actually been updated were suddenly significantly slower. Overall, the performance was significantly reduced by the update, according to the affected users. The criminally relevant aspect of this is that Apple allegedly pressured users into the update.

Joint lawsuit in the UK against Apple

Affected are mainly older smartphones from the iPhone 6 up to the iPhone X. In 2017, the installation of the update to iOS 10.2.1 led to significant performance losses. Several iPhone users have now filed a lawsuit against the tech giant in London. The plaintiffs’ lawyers say performance was reduced by almost 60 percent. And they cite several reasons for the lawsuit.

For one thing, Apple did not point out the negative effects that the update would have. In addition, iPhone users were pressured into the update by repeated references to security vulnerabilities that urgently needed to be closed by the update. In the case of iOS 10.2.1, those affected were repeatedly prompted to perform an update. Once installed, however, the update could not be uninstalled later.

The fact that several iPhone models became slower after the update was a debacle for Apple at the time. The company finally had to admit that the batteries were to blame. However, this only happened due to massive public pressure after users discovered that a battery replacement could solve the problems. Apple finally added the corresponding note and offered a battery replacement program. However, the voluntary action could not protect Apple from the lawsuit.

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Proceedings also conceivable in Germany?

In the lawsuit now filed, Apple is accused of using its supremacy in the market to carry out “exploitative and unfair business practices.” The plaintiffs also accuse Apple of a lack of transparency. In fact, the tech giant is regularly sued. As recently as April 2022, Apple had to pay a fine because the company no longer includes power adapters with its iPhones .

In the UK alone, 25 million people have been affected by iPhone throttling due to the update in recent years. They could all now sue. At the time, many in Germany were also affected by significantly slower iPhones after the update, but there is not yet a comparable project in this country. However, there was already a class action lawsuit in the US in 2020. This was discontinued, but only because Apple agreed to a voluntary penalty payment of over 300 million US dollars.




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