AirPods allegedly exploded in the ear! Apple investigates incident

AirPods Pro reportedly exploded in a young man’s ear last week. Apple and Amazon are now investigating the incident.

Listening to music on the go via smartphone is part of the daily routine for many people. For a 20-year-old from Berlin, this is said to have ended unpleasantly. He had, according to his own statement, on the morning of December 6, 2021 was listening to music through his Apple AirPods Pro on his way to work when the left headphone suddenly exploded in his ear, he said. The individual suffered a minor injury and has since complained of tinnitus. The incident is now being investigated by Apple.

How are the AirPods supposed to have exploded?

The Berliner told “Mac & i” that he first noticed his left headphone getting warmer. A little later, he heard a loud bang, immediately ripped the exploded AirPods out of his ear and dropped them. The 20-year-old suffered a shock and has since complained of tinnitus in his left ear. Beyond that, however, there were no more serious injuries.

The affected headphones showed severe visual damage. The casing was cracked and split in several places. However, the Apple headphones did not burst into flames – as can happen with defective batteries. The young man stated that the AirPods had worked perfectly before they exploded and that he had not had any previous accidents.

As a possible cause for the explosion, many immediately think of defective batteries. However, Apple AirPods exploding is very unlikely since the products are subject to strict quality criteria and are therefore considered safe. However, if it is a product counterfeit or defective batteries, this can be a possible explanation for the incident. Defective lithium-ion batteries can quickly overheat and cause an explosion, and counterfeit devices have a higher susceptibility to malfunction.

According to the owner, however, the exploded AirPods are an original Apple product. The still-functioning headphones are running the latest Apple firmware and the serial number query at Apple also confirmed the authenticity of the AirPods.

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Apple investigates the exploded AirPods

Apple announced that it will replace the damaged headphones with brand-new goods. In addition, the company will pick up the broken AirPods and examine them closely to find the cause of the explosion. So far, no information has been released on the background and scope of the defect. Apple would announce information as soon as new findings could be obtained.

Since the headphones were purchased from Amazon as original Apple goods as recently as March 2021 and sold to numerous other customers, the online retailer announced that it would also conduct an investigation itself.

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Are your AirPods also at risk?

The incident in Berlin is the first of its kind in Germany. So the fact that the AirPods of the young Berliner exploded does not mean that every user must be afraid of a loud bang in the ear. The headphones from the US manufacturer are generally considered very safe. There have been reports of exploded AirPods in the past, but they were mostly false reports.

Still, lithium-ion batteries can overheat and explode if the batteries are defective. If you notice that your AirPods become warm or even hot when you use them, you definitely need to have the functionality checked by an expert.