Annoyed by voice messages? WhatsApp is working on a solution

WhatsApp voice messages divide users. Some love them and use them intensively. Others don’t like the short voice mails at all and type their messages instead. A new feature aims to bring both groups closer together in the future.

Once again, the blog “WABetaInfo”, which specializes in the Messenger, provides us with information about the new WhatsApp function. According to him, the company is working on a way to convert WhatsApp voice messages into readable text. “Voice Transcription” is the name of the new feature, which the messenger is apparently currently testing for Apple devices

Convert WhatsApp voice messages to text

Users whose smartphones run Android 11 can already use Google’s “Live Captions,” which converts any kind of sound, both as audio files and videos, into text. This also allows WhatsApp voice messages to be displayed as text. However, the feature is limited to English so far. Alternatively, there is the third-party app “Transcriber for WhatsApp”, which is available for free in the Google Play Store. However, the app is still under development. However, the messenger itself is now apparently also working on a solution.

According to WABetaInfo, it is not necessary to send data to WhatsApp’s or Facebook’s servers for the transcription. Rather, it is supposed to run via Apple in the case just tested. Accordingly, the manufacturer provides the WhatsApp voice messages converted into text locally on the iPhone.

Which WhatsApp messages can Facebook read?

In order for the transcription of WhatsApp voice messages to work, users must give Apple appropriate rights for speech recognition on the smartphone. The process is also intended to help Apple further improve its speech recognition technology. However, the manufacturer emphasizes that the collected data is used anonymously and cannot be assigned to a specific person.

Messages are local on smartphone

When a WhatsApp voice message is converted into text for the first time, it is stored in the messenger’s local memory. This means it can be retrieved from the smartphone at any time later without having to transcribe it again. It is also possible to convert only a part of a WhatsApp voice message into text, for example from a certain timestamp.

As WABetaInfo writes, there is no indication yet if and when the feature will enter the testing phase for Android as well. Normally, WhatsApp always releases new features and extensions for both operating systems – i.e. for Android as well as iOS. In the case of iOS, the transcription feature is currently in development and is expected in one of the upcoming beta versions.


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