Anyone who has your number can block your WhatsApp account

Security researchers found that it takes nothing more than a cell phone number to block the linked WhatsApp account. atechbook checked with the messenger and reveals whether you can protect yourself.

Attackers can exploit this WhatsApp vulnerability very easily. Almost anyone can use it to block your WhatsApp account forever in no time. The attacker does not have to be a hacker to do this, but simply have WhatsApp installed. The scam is particularly nasty and can actually affect anyone.

WhatsApp attack is child’s play

Security researchers Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Pereña discovered a loophole to block WhatsApp accounts. This was reported by the US portal “Forbes.” It does not allow access to personal data or the account. This makes it rather uninteresting for professional hackers. One can actually simply deactivate a foreign account with it. The bad thing is that private revenge actions or supposed pranks could cost numerous WhatsApp users their accounts.

Exploiting the WhatsApp vulnerability

As already mentioned, the knowledge of a foreign mobile phone number that is connected to WhatsApp is already sufficient. With the help of this, the corresponding account can be permanently deactivated. Since security researchers specifically set out to find a loophole like this, there is good news. The deactivation of third-party WhatsApp accounts is probably not operated at the moment. This is exactly why we do not want to describe in more detail how to exploit this WhatsApp weakness. Rather, we would like to support you that your account will not be deactivated.

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Prevent deactivation of the account

More important than knowing the vulnerability is preventing an attack. atechbook has asked WhatsApp and inquired whether they are already aware of the problem. If so, we still wanted to know if steps have already been taken against it. A WhatsApp spokeswoman told atechbook that users should use two-factor authentication with an email address. That way, WhatsApp’s customer service team can help users who are experiencing this “unlikely issue,” she said. The spokeswoman also added that exploiting the vulnerability would violate WhatsApp’s terms of service.

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Of course, the latter is negligible, since that will probably not stop anyone from launching an attack. Consequently, the terms of use do not protect anyone for the time being. How “unlikely” the problem really is remains to be seen. A vulnerability that is easy to exploit and causes maximum damage could be devastating. Two-factor authentication is something atechbook would also advise. If you have problems, it’s best to contact support.