App for digital driver’s license flies out of the App Store

The digital driver’s license was announced in mid-September. Download the app, register your driver’s license and then always have it with you on your cell phone. What sounds simple and convenient, however, brought some problems. Now the app “ID Wallet” has even been removed from the app stores.

Since September 23, the digital driver’s license has been available. Or rather, it should be available. The app required for this has now disappeared from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Apparently because of security gaps.

App developers withdraw ‘ID Wallet’ from app stores

“ID Wallet” stammt aus der Feder der Digital enabling GmbH, die die App im Auftrag der Bundesregierung entwickelt hat. Über sie soll sich künftig der digitale Führerschein aufs Handy laden lassen. Das hatte zum Start am 23. September allerdings nicht funktioniert, wie auch atechbook in einem Test erfahren musste. Die App stürzte immer wieder App und das Registrieren der Daten war nicht möglich.

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The makers of “ID Wallet” also confirm the problems in the meantime. Due to the very high demand for the app and the associated high load on the system, there would have been unexpected load peaks that temporarily affected the use of the ID Wallet app. In addition, the launch of the app would have also received a lot of attention from users who were intensely concerned with security and trust issues. This apparently resulted in security issues that now need to be addressed. However, the developers did not disclose what exactly these look like.

They now want to look into the problem with the load and the security notices that have appeared. Therefore, “ID Wallet” has been removed from the app stores for the time being. The developers are planning a few weeks for testing and further development. Then “ID Wallet” is to return with a new design and new functions. Whether the registration of driver’s licenses and other data will then really work better remains to be seen.


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