App recommendation “Mactracker” – the Apple device database

Whether iMacs or iPhones: Apple devices have many devoted fans. But anyone who is not so familiar with the Apple universe quickly gets confused when it comes to the device families. An app can help.

One might accuse manufacturers who name their devices XNT-1847SLWX or similar of many things. A lack of imagination or a lack of marketing sense, for example. But at least consumers know immediately which notebook or TV they have in front of them when it comes to upgrades or spare parts. Mactracker helps, at least with Apple.

Apple devices also a bit confusing

Apple devices almost always have the same name. If you are lucky, there is something like 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation in brackets behind it. But even that doesn’t really help people who want to, say, upgrade RAM, check operating system support for their device, or get a used Apple device.

Mactracker is an archive for hardware

That’s why Ian Page’s Mactracker database has been around for more than 20 years. The developer enters every new Apple device with all technical data, benchmark information on performance and support status information. Mactracker is free of charge and available as an iOS and macOS app, but only in English.

Convenient: Apple devices that you own can be saved in the app under “My Models”. Mactracker is also a historical treasure trove: For example, neither the Apple PDA Newton from the early 1990s nor the original PC Apple I from 1976 are missing from the database.