Appearing as a cartoon character in video conferences

Video telephony is now an integral part of communication for many employers. In just a few steps, they can liven up business or private calls with a funny cartoon effect.

Internal calls, in particular, don’t always have to be serious. If things are relaxed at the workplace, there’s bound to be some fun to be had. With a small add-on called “Snap Camera” you can bring cool effects like the cartoon or anime look to the popular services Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Cartoon look at Zoom and teams with “Snap Camera”.

To use cooler effects or face filters, you have to download the program “Snap Camera”. This comes from the filter kings of Snapchat and is available for download for Windows and Mac. Snapchat has been known for years for having a particularly good technology for filters. They neither slip, nor do they only fit certain face shapes. This is also confirmed in our test. No matter whether you run your hand through your face or move your head frantically. The Cartoon filter fits like a glove.

Cartoon look
This is how the filter looked in our editorial meeting Photo: atechbook

How to apply the filter

After downloading and installing “Snap Camera” from the Internet on your laptop or computer, the camera image should open directly in the program. You can now apply various filters over it, such as the cartoon filter. To display this image in Teams or Zoom, proceed as follows: Restart Microsoft Teams or Zoom once. If you then start a video call, select the “Snap Camera” instead of your standard camera in the video call settings and the respective image from the program will also be reflected in Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

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Low-performance systems can have problems

If you’re working on a computer that’s already constantly going down the tubes because it’s reaching its performance limits, you should be careful. “Snap Camera” requires additional system performance and can thus additionally delay the video call. A longer connection time to the call or even a choppy picture can be the result.