Apple AirPods at Aldi – what good is the offer?

Starting Saturday, December 11, original Apple AirPods will be available at Aldi Nord for 111 Euros. atechbook checks whether the offer is worth it.

Until now, Aldi only had AirPods clones, which sometimes came in the look of the standard model and sometimes the Pro variant. But now the discounter sells actual Apple originals. The offer applies to both the online store and Aldi North stores.

Apple AirPods at Aldi for 111 Euros (~$118)

Aldi Nord offers the 2nd generation AirPods for sale, which have been on the market since 2019. Meanwhile, the 3rd generation AirPods is already a successor on the market, which has even more features, better sound and a new design. However, the AirPods 2 are still a good alternative, as they are cheaper and still deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem. The easy set-up process and seamless switching between Apple devices are here, for example. Open the case near the iPhone or iPad, and the pairing process begins automatically – no app or Bluetooth settings required.

Operation and features

The AirPods are not only connected to each other, but each establishes a separate connection with the iPhone. That is why they can be used independently of each other. While you listen to music with one pod, you can charge the other one in the case. In addition, the AirPods have sensors for wear recognition. If you take one of the two headphones out of your ear, the playback pauses automatically. Otherwise, the playback is controlled via the touch surfaces on both AirPods. The control is customizable in the Bluetooth settings, so that skipping songs or accepting calls can be set as an alternative. The AirPods also support “Hey Siri” thanks to Apple’s H1 chip. You can search for specific song titles or execute general commands with the voice control. The Apple H1 also ensures a very stable connection in combination with Bluetooth 5.0.

Sound and battery

Apple primarily designed the AirPods for easy and convenient use. Including the case, the headphones fit in virtually every pocket and are always quickly connected to the playback device. In return, the company has made concessions in terms of sound quality. Compared with other devices in this price range, the AirPods do not perform well.

According to their own specifications, the AirPods last up to 3 hours for music playback with one charge – at half the volume. There are another 19 hours of battery life in the charging case. After just 15 minutes in the case, the AirPods are said to be able to charge up to 3 hours. Speaking of the charging case: Aldi Nord only offers the AirPods with a wired case. Thus, charging is only possible via Lightning cable. At least this is included in the scope of delivery.

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Are the AirPods from Aldi worth it?

First of all: you should not be blinded by the strike price of 179.99 Euros in the brochure and online. Even at Apple, the 2nd generation AirPods only cost 149 Euros. Finally, the new, 3rd generation is already available from 199 euros at Apple and 185 euros in other stores. However, 111 Euros for predecessor AirPods without wireless charging function is okay. The headphones have been available in online stores for less than 100 euros in the past. But you rarely see them in stores at this price. Currently, the lowest comparative offer is just under 128 Euros. So, if you see the AirPods at Aldi Nord in the store, you can strike with a clear conscience.