Apple announces availability and prices of the Watch Series 7

Apple has unveiled the Watch Series 7. The smartwatch got a larger display and dust protection. atechbook summarizes all the info.

The Apple Watch Series 7 and watchOS 8 have been official since mid-September. Contrary to expectations, the watch does not bring a new design, but a larger display and a customized user interface. Now Apple has also revealed when the watch will go on sale.

Apple reveals availability of Watch Series 7

The company didn’t tell us anything about the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7: When will the smartwatch be available on the market? Now, however, Apple has revealed it on its website. The Apple Watch Series 7 can be pre-ordered from Friday, October 8, at 2 pm. The smartwatch will then be available in stores on October 15. Apple again offers its new watch in different versions. Like the predecessor, the model with a 41 mm aluminum case is available at prices starting at 429 euros. The next larger version has a 45 mm case.

Originally, market observers even assumed a longer waiting period for the watch. Due to supply problems with chips and other technical components, Apple was not able to offer the Watch Series 7 right at launch. Problems with the supply of components and the high demand currently also lead to longer waiting times for the new iPhone 13 models.

Bigger and brighter display

The new display in the Apple Watch Series 7 has 20 percent more surface area than the Series 6, making it twice the size of the Series 3 display, and the edges have shrunk by 40 percent to just 1.7 mm. As expected, the touch sensor has been integrated into the OLED panel, which reduces the display thickness. The always-on display is up to 70 percent brighter indoors, according to Apple.

Apple Watch Series 7 can display 50 percent more text
The Series 7 can display 50 percent more text Photo: Screenshot atechbook via

watchOS 8 also gets larger buttons to match the larger display. It can also display 50 percent more message and mail content on the screen. Additionally, for the first time, there is a full keyboard where you can compose replies via swipe gestures. Alternatively, you can simply write out the letters yourself.

To match the new dimensions of the display, there are also new watch faces for the Apple Watch Series 7.

Slightly larger case and new colors

In the run-up, the Series 7 was expected to get a new case with squared-off edges. Instead, Apple has made the Watch even rounder and softer.

Despite the larger screen, the case has only grown minimally, so the existing straps are compatible with the new model. The 41 mm version remains the same size, while the larger one grows to 45 mm.

Apple has made the Apple Watch Series 7 more durable. The smartwatch now carries an IP6X rating, which indicates protection against dust – with “6” being the strongest protection class. The case is waterproof according to the WR50 standard, so swimming is possible. The crystal glass above the display is twice as thick as in the Series 6 at the thickest points, and together with a flat underside, it is supposed to offer improved protection against breakage.

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in different colors
The new colors of the Series 7 Photo: Screenshot atechbook via

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in five new colors for the aluminum variant: green, blue, (PRODUCT)red, starlight and midnight. The colors for the stainless steel and titanium variants remain the same. There are also new straps and new color options for existing straps.

The Series 7 now charges 33 percent faster than the Series 6, which means the Watch will refuel from 0 to 80 percent in 45 minutes.

All the new features of the Apple Watch Series 7
All the new features of the Series 7 Photo: Screenshot atechbook via