Apple announces changes for AirTag tracker

Apple wants to expand the protection against unwanted surveillance through AirTags. Recently, more and more cases of abuse with the small trackers have become known

Apple has announced plans to improve protection against unwanted surveillance through AirTags. These small tags work with Apple devices to form a “Where is?” network. Items equipped with them, from bags to keychains, can be searched for and found via the network.

Problems with imputed Apple AirTags

However, AirTags can also be misused for surveillance if they are secretly planted on people. To protect themselves from possible persecution, iPhone users receive a warning on the display if they are carrying around an unfamiliar AirTag for a long time. In addition, AirTags emit an alarm sound after 24 hours at the latest if they are permanently in the vicinity of someone who is not carrying an iPhone.

In addition, the AirTag setup will in future also include a warning that tracking people without their consent is a criminal offense in many regions of the world.

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Better warnings, louder alerts

In addition, the warnings are to be improved: There have been reports from users that security messages were issued because of AirPods in the vicinity, but not when AirTags were in the vicinity.

In addition, Apple says it is looking into further refining the localization of AirTags, further improving the logic of iPhone alerts because of AirTags, combining iPhone alerts with playing an alert sound on the AirTag and locating it more accurately, and changing the alert sound and making it louder.


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