Apple conceals an important point at the iPhone presentation

On Tuesday evening, Apple presented the new iPhone models, among other things. The technology giant concealed an important point – and we can already guess why.

At the Apple keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues rattled off hardware news non-stop. First two new iPads, then the Apple Watch Series 7 and finally the four new iPhone models. Despite the high number of hits, there were quite detailed descriptions of the individual products. atechbook noticed, however, that Apple also concealed things that would probably not have gone down so well with the audience.

How do you actually charge the iPhone 13?

Apple proudly commented on the improved battery performance of the new iPhone 13 models. Depending on the model, they are supposed to last up to 2.5 hours longer. However, Apple discreetly kept one thing quiet. No one mentioned how to charge the new iPhones. The 12 series still came with the Lightning connector. The iPhone 13 retains Lightning, even though, or perhaps because, Apple didn’t say a word about it.

As a reminder: Earlier in the keynote, the USB-C charging port for the new iPad mini was presented with a broad chest. Data exchange is supposed to be 10 times faster than with the predecessor with the in-house Lightning port.

Apple has been criticized for its Lightning connector for quite some time. All other manufacturers now use USB-C. As mentioned, the port is not only technically superior. A uniform standard also reduces the need for additional chargers. However, Apple has sovereignty over wired iPhone accessories thanks to the Lightning port. They either manufacture it themselves or certify third-party providers for a fee.

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The desire for USB-C in iPhones has also grown among users over time. This is also due to the fact that Apple itself already uses it for other devices. iPad Pro, the new iPad mini, iPad Air and MacBooks already charge via USB-C.

Since Apple apparently did not want to comment on the connector at all, we also did not find out whether charging cables and adapters will be included again. A look at Apple’s homepage shows after a long scroll that there is no power adapter in the scope of delivery. There is only a Lightning cable (to USB-C) for all models of the iPhone 13. Beyond that, the iPhone can still be charged wirelessly with 15 watts.

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No word on the processor of the Apple Watch Series 7.

In the past, a new Apple Watch model always meant a new processor. There was no information about the processor of the Apple Watch Series 7 at the presentation. As with the iPhone charging port, it is thus clear that nothing will change. The Apple S6 processor of the Apple Watch Series 6 is still installed. Again, at least a hint would have been nice in the keynote.