Apple event on March 8! Is a banger finally coming?

Apple has announced the first event for 2022. The motto is “Peek Performance” – so can we look forward to something big?

For the March event, Apple has once again come up with a clever play on words. “Peek Performance” is an obvious allusion to “Peak Performance”. However, the “peek” makes the motto mean as much as “see performance”. In German, the invitation comes with the saying “Unsere Vorstellung von Performance” – not quite as clever.

But what could this “performance” refer to? A new iPhone SE and iPad Air with the latest Apple 15 Bionic? Or new Macs with M1 Max and M1 Pro, maybe even a brand new M2? atechbook has summarized the predictions for you.

Will Apple introduce new iPhone and iPad at the event?

In his “Power On” newsletter, Bloomberg’s Gurman, whose predictions have been 85.5 percent accurate so far according to “Apple Track,” writes that he expects a new iPhone and a new iPad for the Apple Spring Event. The basis for this, he says, is information from an inside source. Both devices are expected to get the A15 Bionic chip and be 5G capable. According to Gurman, Apple is aiming for March 8 as the launch date. However, the date could still change, for example due to delays in production.

iPhone SE Plus

In 2020, Apple brought back the iPhone SE after a four-year hiatus. The iPhone is largely based on components from the 2017 iPhone 8, but comes with a newer Apple chip and better camera. With a starting price of just 479 euros, it is the cheapest iPhone on the market.

Apparently, Apple plans to use the same formula for the next iPhone SE. The new device will now be called “iPhone SE Plus”, but no external changes are expected. It will have the same 4.7-inch screen and a home button with Touch ID. The only new features are the camera on the back and the chipset inside. The camera might not get a better sensor with support for Apple’s night mode. Apple’s current A15 Bionic is probably used as the chip, which is also flanked by an external 5G modem. With 5G, Apple wants to encourage Android users and owners of older iPhones to switch. It remains to be seen how the energy-hungry 5G will affect the battery life. One of the biggest criticisms of the 2020 iPhone SE is that the battery is too small. More information on the new iPhone SE can be found here.

It also seems a bit strange that Apple should hold an extra event for such minor changes. After all, Apple only announced the predecessor iPhone SE 2020 in a press release on April 24 two years ago.

iPad Air 5th generation

The current 4th generation iPad Air, like the iPhone SE 2020, was released two years ago. Back then, the Air got a complete exterior in the design of the iPad Pro – with angular sides and thin display edges.

The design will probably remain the same, but there will be some changes on the inside. We expect the 5th generation iPad Air to get the current A15 Bionic chipset, which is also found in the current iPad mini. In addition, there is also supposed to be a 5G-capable variant; until now, the iPad Air could only be lifted with 4G/LTE. Other new features include a new 12 MP front camera with Apple’s Center Stage for video calls, as well as a True Tone flash with four LEDs. The main camera itself is expected to remain the same, as is the 10.9-inch LC display, Touch ID in the power button, and the USB-C port.

Mac mini and MacBook Air

Gurman assumes that Apple will also introduce a new Mac mini model in the spring. The company last equipped the Mac mini with the M1 chip in 2020. Now, options with M1 Pro and M1 Max are expected to follow, which Apple introduced last year with the MacBook Pro 16″ and 14″.

Also possible seems to be the launch of a new version of the 13″ MacBook Pros, which could come with a brand new second-generation Apple Silicon chip. There have been rumors about the M2 for quite some time now, which is said to still have an 8-core CPU, but could be built to be more energy efficient. The integrated GPU is also supposed to have between 9 and 10 cores, a bit more than the 7 to 8 cores in the M1. Otherwise, no major changes are expected in the design of the MacBook Pro 13″. Externally, the laptop is expected to remain the same and even be the only MacBook to still have a Touch Bar. Despite the new M2, the 13-inch model is thus practically the entry-level MacBook and below the 14- and 16-inch models.

Conclusion: Will the Apple event in March bring a bang?

We do not expect really big innovations from the event. Neither the iPhone SE nor the iPad Air are expected to see any far-reaching changes, apart from newer Apple Bionic chips and 5G support. Even a Mac mini with M1 Pro and M1 Max is just an update to bring the product up to date.

On the other hand, the prospect of a MacBook Pro 13″ with Apple M2 is more interesting. It is indeed a shame that we cannot expect any changes in the stale design. But the M1 was already an absolute success for Apple. If it can follow that up with the M2 and deliver even more performance and battery life for a comparatively low price, the company will set new standards again.

These Apple events also await us in 2022

The next event will take place during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. This is usually followed by one or more events in the fall. Among other things, we can expect the new iPhone 14, a new Apple Watch and a whole range of new Macs with Apple M2 this year. Among them, not only MacBook Air, but also the iMac 24″.


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