Apple extends exchange program for defective AirPods Pro

Certain production runs of AirPods Pro may experience sound output and noise-cancelling issues. The company is replacing affected devices.

Last October, Apple launched a replacement program to replace a certain batch of AirPods Pro that may have sound issues. The program was supposed to run until October 2021 – but has now received an extension.

Replacement program only covers AirPods Pro with certain defect

Generally, only AirPods Pro that were shipped before October 2020 are affected. According to Apple, it is only a “small percentage of AirPods Pro” that have problems with the sound output.

According to the report, there can be crackling or static sounds, which can even increase in noisy environments, when exercising, or when talking on the phone. There are also active noise cancellation (ANC) issues, such as a loss of bass sound or amplification of background noise.

According to Apple, the problems only affect the AirPods Pro; other AirPods models are not covered by the replacement program.

Apple to test AirPods Pro before replacing them

If owners notice any of the above issues with their AirPods Pro and have a model eligible for replacement, they can request an inspection from Apple or an authorized Apple partner. To do so, they can either contact the manufacturer themselves, make an appointment at an Apple Store, or contact a service provider. Once the headphones are received, Apple will inspect them for the aforementioned defects and replace them if necessary. The program is valid for three years after the date of purchase.

However, Apple does not replace the complete AirPods Pro including charging case. The company tests the headphones individually and only replaces the side that has a defect. This can be either the left or the right side, but also both. However, affected buyers will not get a new charging case in any case. The manufacturer also points out that the replacement does not extend the warranty of the AirPods Pro.


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